Are you looking for another company that suits your site better than Xandr? That’s an easy task because you are reading this article.

Maybe Xandr is a famous company, used by so many bloggers, but it is not always the best option for every site. Every businessperson must analyze the quality of their own page and the offers from every competitor online. Here we’ll suggest the three best companies that are able to manage most websites without complicated requirements.

Well, if you are not comfortable with Xandr, let us tell you that not all the companies that manage websites that add advertisements have the same development and requirements. You can find the one that just puts publishing on your site, selected by controlled algorithms, effective, and with the regard that you need. All this means that while you are able to relax on your sofa, Your money will reach its destination and your stats will be improved as you have never seen before.

Don’t care if you do not have the flow you’d like or the number of followers. This is not a problem. What is completely important is having a site and the determination of trust in one company. Be open to taking your site and accountancy to the next level!

As we know, finding the perfect platform is not an easy task. We have studied the market, analyzed so many different competitors, and evaluated it in different scenarios. We want to advise you through this short but effective list. Pay attention to each competitor, think about your site’s needs and your expectations in the short and long term, and choose the best ad network.


The most effective and well-known advertising firm is MediaFem. You can generate money by displaying text or images on your site, adding banners, and luring users to browse through them. One of the most important things to remember is that you do not need a set amount of traffic or views to join MediaFem. You start making money from the first look.

It has created a set of customisable branding that allows each advertisement to target clients who are interested in the information provided. In exchange for showing advertisements on the site, bloggers receive 70% of the money collected by MediaFem.


Outbrain is another well-known native advertising platform. Outbrain distinguishes itself from the competition with its unique features, high-quality publisher network, constant improvements, and excellent customer support. The ad network uses programmatic native ad demand to connect publishers with large DSPs.

You must have at least 10 million monthly page visits to be eligible for Outbrain. You can pick between CPC and CPM pricing systems with a 0 minimum payment. Outbrain also offers native advertising alternatives in the feed and within articles, including display and video ads.

Their picks have been featured on CNN, Fox News, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Mashable, and a bevvy of other websites.


Ezoic was launched in 2010 as a technology solution for digital publishers aiming to increase revenue and improve the user experience of their website(s). At Ezoic, they recognise that user experience and ad income are inextricably linked: if publishers can actually provide better experiences for their users, they can also generate more revenue. Ezoic expanded out of this concept to become an end-to-end publishing platform. Ezoic has customers all around the world and offers solutions for publishers of various sizes.

Ezoic was the industry’s first solution to include AI and machine learning in its features and solutions. For over a decade, they’ve been polishing their craft and leading the way when it comes to best-in-class technology to improve UX, solutions that put publishers in charge of their revenue, and a team dedicated to helping publishers grow and flourish every step of the way. Ezoic’s total customer base generated 1.03 billion monthly unique visitors in 2021, a significant milestone for the company and the publishers it serves.