When you are a blogger, and you are trying to drive traffic back to your website through guest blogging and content marketing, chances are that you will be looking for

 ways to monetize your content. While plain text ads might work for some bloggers, there are others who seek more creative ways of monetizing their content like using native ad formats.

But before we begin, what are native ads?

Native ads can be text, image, banner, or widget-based ads. They appear similar to the rest of the website content so they avoid distractions and deliver a better user experience. In other words, native ads look and function almost exactly the same way as regular articles or articles written by other authors.


The use of native ads is growing in popularity and currently, several large publishers like The Independent and The Guardian (the UK newspaper) have announced plans to abandon their traditional page layout with adverts placed alongside their articles for a more ‘native’ layout which includes adverts – a move which aims to improve audience engagement.

The major reason why you should use native ads on your project is due to its high click-through rate (CTR). In a 2014 report, it was affirmed that 62% of the native ad campaigns have a high CTR. Such a result is not seen with any other ad types.

Here are some suggestions for native ads networks that might work for you.


MediaFem is a programmatic network that links content websites with marketers (like Google Ad Manager). They take a part of the revenue made by MediaFem, which is created on the site.

It’s vital to remember that MediaFem only pays out to publishers who have at least a $100 balance at the end of the month. The payment will be finished after 53 days if this happens. MediaFem now allows you to place up to five advertisements per page and three advertising per screen on mobile apps.

You may learn more about MediaFem by watching the video below:

Index Exchange

Index Exchange connects publishers and advertisers from all over the world, as well as some of the top DSPs and Agency Trading Desks. A team of professional engineers makes integration straightforward, allowing publishers to focus on what they do best rather than fighting technical components.

It also makes a concerted effort to ensure that advertising satisfies quality requirements, since each ad is meticulously scrutinized in order to safeguard publishers from ad fraud.


Epom is one of the few display ad networks that allows users to try out their platform before purchasing it. While the free trial may not appear to be much, it is a significant benefit for anyone who has never worked with display ads before.

In addition, Epom has a number of good qualities. It’s a flexible network that lets you run advertisements across display, video, and mobile apps. It also interacts with a variety of different networks, giving you a variety of ways to communicate with clients.

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