Everybody is talking about advertising on web pages, but… why? If you are interested in knowing more about it, read this post because we are going to tell you everything!

A short time ago, different ways of earning money from the internet were taking the main first places in people’s preferences. Due to its simple, effective, and passive nature, monetization through the addition of advertising on web pages or apps is the most common. Simple requirements, easy steps, and a growing accountancy and audience are the results!

Well, ad networks, or advertising companies, are the ones that manage websites, linking publishers, sites, and consumers. Utilizing algorithms, ad networks add advertisements to your page every time you receive a visitor. It is displayed at the right moment, with the perfect content, generating interest in the viewer.

So, the interactions generated are the ones that produce your revenue every time. Also, several studies have revealed that video advertising is more attractive to users than other kinds. It is an important topic if you are trying to get the most respect.

Many companies are developing this ad service, but not all of them do it with the same methods. Finding a company able to manage your site, even displaying videos, is a goal that you shouldn’t miss. It is not simple, but not impossible.

What we recommend to begin with is analyzing the skills and characteristics you already have on your site. Creating a list of your objectives is another excellent option. These are two tools that will make your selection process easier. You’ll be able to compare and analyze many different possibilities without missing your final task.

The internet is overcrowded with companies and entrepreneurs trying to offer this same service. They all seem to be good at first sight, but they aren’t. Every company has its own requirements and benefits, and you must find the best for you. Remember, not all the companies are as effective for all the sites.

We have taken many models and experienced several companies available on the web. Finally, we were assigned to the three best companies able to support and provide video ads on the majority of the tasks in the most effective way. Read below and know more about them.

1- MediaFem

MediaFem is an experienced company, serving hundreds of businesses with a diverse range of publishers. It works by utilising a user-friendly platform, customizable ads, and the greatest regard on the web. It’s important to know that MediaFem gives to the pages’ owners 70% of the regard produced by its actions, and the company receives only 30%. It functions through the use of an algorithm to analyse a web page or blog in order to provide a new campaign that users could be involved in. Simply copy and paste an ad publisher’s ad code, and you’ll be paid every time someone clicks or scrolls on it.

When comparing different companies, this one, more than any other, takes pride in offering high-quality content to bloggers. It responds quickly to advertising needs, giving a positive initial impression. MediaFem has grown into the company it is today by providing relevant information and employing more effective strategies than other ad networks.

Become a MediaFem member.

Go with the free version first, and then progress to the paid version.

To begin, go to MediaFem.com.

Create a basic user account for yourself as well as your website.

Start advertising on your page. MediaFem accepts websites and blogs from a wide range of languages and nations.

For more information, visit FAQMediaFem. Don’t miss this chance!


SmartyAds provides Smart Hub, a trustable system that includes over 25,000 publishers and 2 billion daily perceptions. I t supports both site owners and publishers as a full-stack digital content software platform. Video, banner, audio, native, push, pop, and other sorts of connectivity and ad formats are supported by the system.

SmartyAds‘ security and anti-fraud procedures and agreements are more complicated than those of its competitors, making the marketplace secure for all parties concerned: enterprises trying to advertise and page owners trying to ad advertisements.


PropellerAds is a self-service advertising platform that offers complete and industry-leading ad-serving and efficiency technology to online bloggers and web developers. Sliders, sponsored links, and other ad possibilities are also available to publishers.