A Mobile Advertising Software is a third-party platform that allows advertisers to publish text, image, or video advertisements on mobile websites and applications.

MediaFem is one of the Best High Paying Mobile Advertising Solutions for placing ads on a mobile website or mobile app. It’s clear that, as a learner, it will be very arduous to generate revenue because it is not as speedily as you think, it needs persistence and perseverance to consistently create content in spite of not wanting to.

MediaFem makes you gain that money without needing to recommend anything to anyone or make it sign up on an unspecified portal, or put something risky to your computer machine or mobile phone.

If you want to know how to make more income with MediaFem, these are all the things you have to know.

What is MediaFem?

MediaFem is an advertising software for publishers, which allows them to make revenue by providing them an advertising place between their content to place ads. For each impression or click that is made on those ads, the publisher is given a part of the money paid by the mobile advertising platform.

However, what can I do? You just have to situate the ad codes that MediaFem provides you in your mobile website or app and wait for your guests to make a click on it.

The best part is that MediaFem is smart and knows how to decode the topics of your mobile website or app, so the ads you put are linked to your topics.

Having said that, ads are assigned in a natural way and you get clicks without any kind of labor while your guests thank you for having made that suggestion.

How MediaFem Works?

MediaFem works by translating with an algorithm the topics published on your mobile website or app to display linked advertisements that may be of interest to a guest. If you copy and paste the ad code that this mobile ad monetization platform provides you, when a guest clicks on it, you obtain money.

How Much Money Can Be Earned with MediaFem?

The total number you can earn is always linked to the number of guests per day that your mobile website or app has. Furthermore, you can post 6 ads per page roughly to get more impressions or clicks. One more thing that will dispose of your income is the niche of your mobile website or app, cause there are clicks that are more worthy than others just for the closing performance of the ad.

How to Earn Money with MediaFem

This Step-by-Step tutorial is going to be super useful for setting up your blog, you can start now! Here we go.

Determine your niche

The number one thing you have to do is to determine your niche for MediaFem to place the ads. 

You can go for a high-traffic niche, such as personal finance, fashion blog, etc. Beyond any doubt, they are the best niches at least in 2021. Just select one category that allows you to be ruthless.

Create a Mobile Website or App

Clearly just as for any notable online business, you need a mobile website or app of your own.

Right away, you can set up a mobile website with not much investment and accessible to anyone who wants to start generating income on the internet.

On the flip side, you can have a developer set up a mobile website or app for you for a very small amount of money so you won’t have to panic about coding, programming, or developing something you definitely don’t know how to do.

When you have your own mobile website or app set, you should talk about some topics that make your visitors want to read them entirely, as far as possible until the last couple of characters.

In this way, you will get more possibilities for guests to watch or click on the ads located on your app.

Show the Ads

In order to show ads, you must register for free to MediaFem.

The next step, decide the dimension of the ads that are convenient for your mobile website or app and give it the color that fits your app design so that the ads have a natural vista.

The most suggested options for ads are Video or Native Ad formats to place between your content and some visual content for your sidebar. 

Get Traffic

As we said before, it is crucial to get traffic.

To attain it there is only one successful way: SEO. Free traffic from search engines. The better the topics you talk about, the more visits you will have.

Get Your Payment 

How does MediaFem pay? MediaFem sends your payments by bank transfer or Paypal. They send money to any country around the world.  Paying in Net53 terms, MediaFem does not charge any extra cost. They work with a Model of Payment call “Revenue Share”: 70% for Publishers and 30% for MediaFem. These numbers are consistent, in spite of a publisher’s geographic zone, and are not in any way shared between publishers.

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