Publishers of online media are responsible for a large part of all web traffic. Despite the fact that each site is unique, many publishers try to discover the right monetization strategies so that they can continue to create better content and improve user experience. Finding the right ad formats, on the other hand, isn’t always easy, particularly for publishers who are up against a lot of competitiveness. We’ll go into the Best 5 CPMs Ads formats for publishers in this post. 

Which Are The Best CPMs Types of Ads in 2021?

It’s important to remember that each network’s most profitable ad formats can differ based on their digital platform and sector. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best general ad formats, the majority of which can be found in both desktop and web publishing networks.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are web-based advertisements that run on users’ smartphones similarly to other messages. The purpose is to transmit the advertiser’s marketing message in a transparent and streamlined manner while avoiding bad feelings. These are suitable for delivering customized messages, making them great for networking, cryptocurrencies, and other related businesses.

Native Ads

Native advertisements, as the name implies, fit in with the content of the website on which they appear. This type of ad is ideal for advertising more complicated or luxurious goods to users that need a little more persuasion. The best thing is that they are appropriate for a wide range of publishers, including email, online, video bloggers, and others.


Interstitials are advertisements that run when a web page is loading, making them a good choice for a variety of publishers. These commercials are successful because they cover a niche in the market while still allowing marketers to connect with their users while they are watching.

Pop Ads

Pop advertising is one of the traditional forms of digital marketing, and there’s a reason it’s still active today. Advertisers have a lot of room to create high-quality types for this form of ad, and publishers can set it up quickly. As a result, while advertisers can perceive that they are having a lot of space for a low price, publishers may expect high profit margins if they partner with the right platform.

In-Page Push Notifications

Two of the most significant down sides of traditional push notifications are that they are less accurate on iOS devices and that users must opt-in before receiving updates from publishers. Push updates on the website are a new form of ad that addresses all of these issues. This type of ad is similar to a push update, but it is only sent to people who are visiting your blogging site. These users do not need to subscribe to your push notifications, and they will get this kind of notification even though they have an iOS device.

Display Banners

Display banners are one of the longest surviving ad forms available, right up there along with pop advertising. Nonetheless, this format continues to deliver above-average outcomes for publishers, particularly in highly visual niche areas such as games or entertainment.

Many sites monetize websites and blogs with advertising. However, you must choose the right choice for your domain. MediaFem is one of the most well-known advertising networks. This is a global network headquartered in the United Kingdom that has been using programmatic advertising for over ten years. Ad codes are used by a vast number of websites to enable people to read more content on the same site or to generate revenue from referral traffic.

Publishers can use the network, which is driven by a cutting-edge analytical engine, to conduct A/B research, smarter reporting, and personalization, which are all essential to the development of online media. Publishers can switch between header bidding and the standard One Ad Code implementation by using their services. This ad network offers a variety of ad formats including video, web, mobile, and native ads.

MediaFem does not charge any commissions and follows a 70% Rev. Share model for Publishers, paying in Net53 terms. These numbers are shared by all publishers, regardless of where they are located, but they are not averaged. MediaFem is the most successful website for advertisers and small publishers to make large sums of money because you can pick any kind of ad that better suits your website or blog.

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