Should you monetize your blog from the start? Or should you wait to build your audience first? A question many beginning bloggers ask is: When should I monetize? Will I undervalue my blog for trying to make money now? Should I wait until I am more popular and have a large audience? The answers to these questions will differ among bloggers. Some say you should just focus on the content, wait until you build a respectable audience, and find ways to make money. The others say to do it immediately. Monetizing your blog as soon as possible will bring you many benefits. However, you need to have laid the foundation first.

What you should do before monetizing

You know you need to monetize, but before you start, you need a plan. Here are some factors to consider:

Build your blog first. Grow your audience!

This is doing more than just installing WordPress and posting a few blog posts. First, focus all your effort on creating as much valuable content as possible. At the same time, you grow your audience.

Whether you’re building an email list, setting up push notifications on your blog, finding new traffic from trusted sources, or organic traffic from search engines, you need to build a community of followers first.

When you have a decent amount of traffic, a growing community, and have earned a respectable level of trust from your readers, you can plan how you want to monetize your blog.

Are you targeting the right people?

Before monetizing you should make sure you have improved your content:

  • Do you know who you write to?
  • Do you know their hopes and dreams?
  • Are you aware of their problems?
  • Did you find a way for your blog, product, or service to solve those problems?
  • Are people looking for solutions to those problems?
  • Does your blog content address those needs and connect with your readers?
  • Does the presentation of the blog also convey your message?

It is not a 100% sure test, but perhaps it is too early to monetize your blog if you do not know the answer to some of these questions.

Knowing your audience, and creating tailored content for them, is the foundation of a great blog, and if you try to monetize without a solid foundation, the entire blog could fail.

Know your readers inside and out. Refine your message and then monetize.

Do you have loyal subscribers to your blog?

How many people follow your blog?

The more the better, right? Well more or less…

The people who subscribe to your blog updates are usually the ones who are really interested in what you have to share or offer.

If you’ve been working hard to provide great content to your readers, converting your subscribers into customers shouldn’t be difficult.

Those loyal people already value your free content, which means they’ll probably be more than happy to support you monetarily.

Another thing: you don’t need a huge email list either. Quantity is not always synonymous with quality.

500 loyal subscribers, eager for more of your content, are better than 5,000 subscribers who aren’t really interested in what you have to offer.

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