The best way to take your traditions to the rest of the world is through the internet, during the Covid-19 pandemic countries closed their borders and the world of online recipes exploded, with people preferring to try new things in their own home before ordering from somewhere, culinary experimentation triumphed.

The case of Mediterranean food during preventive social isolation was especially positive as it allows everyone to have their share, as well as being easy to do if the steps are shared appropriately, but from the side of the content generator, the problem lies elsewhere.

Getting funding for your blog, be it food, lifestyle, makeup, etc., is the most difficult if you do not have a platform created in advance. The system is made for those who have been working with AdSense for years, while new authors must wait up to two months to receive Google’s “Ok” to start having articles.

Companies like MediaFem are the right solution for blogs that are just starting out or that have been blocked by AdSense for making content on their “Banned Words” list, this platform connects with AdSense and delivers advertising in a few hours, with a shared revenue system that makes both the writer and MediaFem earn money.

This is a full-service SSP platform based in the United Kingdom with over 12 years of ad monetization experience. Many publishers all over the world use their native codes to encourage viewers to read more articles on the same site or to improve referral traffic revenue. The platform, which is powered by a modern predictive engine, provides publishers with features like A/B testing, intelligence reporting, and personalization that are critical to digital media success.

Paying in Net53 terms, MediaFem does not charge any sum cost as they work with a Rev. Share model 70% for Publishers. These percentages are consistent, regardless of a publisher’s geographic location, and are not in any way averaged between publishers.  Their solutions allow the publisher to choose from header bidding or the traditional One Ad Code option. MediaFem offers all kinds of formats like video, display, mobile, and native.

You can sign up for MediaFem here.

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