To being with, AdMob is a monetization platform for mobile apps that allows you to monetize your app through in-app adverts. Advertisements can be presented in a variety of forms and are fully integrated into the platform’s primary user interface.

Before you can start displaying adverts in your app, you’ll need to register an AdMob account and unlock one or more ad unit IDs.This is a unique identification for the areas of your app where adverts show.

AdMob uses the Google Mobile Ads SDK to assist app developers in gaining information about their users and optimizing ad income. The default integration of the Mobile Advertising SDK collects data such as user information in order to do so.

This app category truly covers a lot of ground. Everything fits under lifestyle apps: where you’re going, how you’re getting there, and what you’re going to order from the menu. Consider applications for fitness, dating, eating, and travel that you use for convenience. Apps for lifestyle and leisure are becoming increasingly popular, especially for tasks that involve more than just searching.

If you want to start making money from your blog, AdMob should be one of your first possibilities. This technique assists its clients in making money by inserting advertising appropriate to their blog’s content as well as the publisher’s geographic zone. The number of times these ads are clicked or used will determine how much money they make. It’s a well-known advertising network that’s simple to set up and operate.

Some ways of monetizing your lifestyle apps

Interstitial Ads

In this sort of software marketing, full-screen pop-ups appear at predetermined periods. You can close this ad by pressing the close button in the upper left or right corner. When a user finishes altering a photo and saves it to the gallery, for example, advertising may show.

Banner Ads

These are display ads that appear at the top or bottom of the app screen in multiple lengths. They are usually tiny and unobtrusive, allowing anyone to use the app.

In-app Video Advertisements

 These ads are displayed automatically and are typically used as a reward video in exchange for in-app benefits. App users, for example, can earn app money by watching a commercial video, which they can use to unlock levels or purchase special features. Clients most commonly employ this advertising income model.

Native Ads

Native advertisements are embedded in the app to act as a natural component. It’s most frequently used to promote a product or a smartphone app. In this instance, free affiliate marketing can assist you in improving the user experience of your software.

People are becoming less irritated and disruptive as a result of such advertising, therefore this method is becoming more popular.

However, one thing to keep in mind about native advertising is that, in comparison to other types, their profit can be very low. Native advertisements are the most disliked by consumers, despite the fact that mobile app developers consider them to be the best strategy.

You most likely came upon MediaFem when looking for a trustworthy lifestyle app AdMob.

This is a full-service SSP platform with over thirteen years of ad monetization experience in the United Kingdom.Ad codes are used by many publishers and website owners throughout the world to entice people to read material on the same page or to make money through referrals. Publishers can use tools like A/B testing, intelligence reports, and personalization choices on the platform, which is driven by a complicated engine.

Because they work with Publishers on a 70 percent revenue-sharing arrangement, MediaFem does not charge any additional fees. These percentages are averaged among all publishers, regardless of their geographic location.

This, in our opinion, is the ideal place to begin; you may join MediaFem here.


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