Every 12 months a new wave of changes in advertising arrives and with it a period of disruption.

As an industry we are to blame for having allowed the triopolio of Google, Facebook and Amazon. Now they have more income than they should in an equal distribution of the cake. The triopolium is the consequence of the commoditization of the market. It does not interest anyone that 1, 2 or 3 companies dominate the industry. Having few agents in a market limits choice and innovation.

We know little about the reality of consumer behavior whose data reaches us from three different Walled Gardens. One thing is clear: whether you are a DSP, a data owner or a brand, the purpose and value proposition of advertising technology must be shown and be clearer than ever.

The user outside the walled gardens

Consumers have evolved and adapted their behavior, interests and interactions to the new ecosystem and channel some of this information through Google, Amazon and Facebook. However, user behavior cannot be studied exclusively in these walled gardens. For example, the purchase intention data is left on the entire web, not only in the triopolio. Online payments, logistics, voice, TV … will have a great impact on the user’s choice and behavior, ensuring that we have a rich and diverse ecosystem in which we do not interact only with these three platforms.

The reality is that 20% of the independent Ad Techs are not at the service of the triopolium. The consumer has more control than ever. It is his world and we are playing with him. The biggest threat and also opportunity is to keep up in this game of user behavior.

The role of the independent ad tech

The role of independent ad tech is clear. We are here to add value outside the walled gardens. For the market, for agencies and especially for the consumer, adding value to the final objective of the brands we work for, beyond the traditional media plan.

Those companies that give an advanced and different view of the consumer, unique interaction and access points will capture the interest of the industry. A thriving, competitive and responsible industry will continue to drive innovation and competition, because an industry with only three players does not interest anyone

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