To enhance the efficiency and coverage of your next mobile advertising strategy, which mobile ad sizes are your focus?

Mobile ads come in every form and size, but did you realize that some of them are more efficient than others? If you understand how to create a display campaign, it is important to differentiate between different ad sizes on your smartphone and focus on those that most convert and have the most inventories. In order to save time, we prepared a list of the top five sizes of mobile ads in 2021.

5 Best Mobile Ad Sizes For 2021
320 x 50 Mobile Leaderboard

The 320 x 50 mobile leaderboard, also called Smartphone Banner from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, is among the frequently used portable device banners (IAB). According to data, 12% of all worldwide ad impressions are mobile leaderboard advertisements.

Mobile board advertising are close to typical desktop banner advertising but has been tailored to fit inside the limited view of mobile devices. Mobile leaderboards can be helpful for usage as an overlay/anchor ad at the end of a web page, as one of the smaller ad units accessible.

300 x 250 Inline Rectangle

It is one of the most relevant mobile ad sizes for planning and optimizing your ideas when creating a campaign. Inline advertising from rectangles, sometimes referred to by the IAB as ‘Medium Rectangle,’ ideally suited for advertisers and generated sales for publishers, everyone benefits from it.

Inline is one of both desktops and mobile phone’s most prevalent ad sizes. 300 × 250 ad sizes might represent up to 40 percent of the worldwide advertising inventory, according to extensive studies. Inline rectangular ads can be found on websites or as in-app adverts.

728 x 90 Leaderboard Banner

The dimension of the pixel is 728 x 90. While the leaderboard is primarily a desktop banner ad style, it does play a role in smartphone advertisements that publishers should be conscious of. Leaderboard banners aren’t available on mobile, but they’re one of the most popular banner ad units on tablets.

Leaderboard ad slots make up around a quarter of all show ad space, so even if you’re only targeting tablet devices, you should be able to reach a larger audience with leaderboard advertising than with any other smartphone ad type.

320 x 100 Large Mobile Banner

According to numerous ad networks, 320 x 100 large mobile banners are one of the top five most popular mobile ad styles. The large mobile banner is twice the size of the standard 320 x 50 mobile leaderboard banner, and it fits smartphone displays perfectly. Advertisers now have double the area to present a compelling message that draws attention.

Although the smaller and less intrusive smartphone leaderboard format may be utilized as a sticky ad, overlay, or anchoring ad unit, 320 x 100 ads are more impactful when linked effortlessly with the publisher’s content.

336 x 280 Interstitial Ads

Users view interstitial adverts as part of their usual surfing experience on a website, app, or smartphone entertainment. When there are breaks in the flow of material, such as between clips, levels of a video game, or when an operation is done, interstitial advertising appears. They normally occupy the whole screen of the user’s computer and may include interactive elements to stimulate user involvement.

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