Cooking blogs have been growing in the last few years. This is surely due to the way in which society advanced according to the meals. Each time there is more and more variety of food that is ingested and a lot that is not eaten any more. An example of this is how the idea of vegetarianism and veganism was installed. Here, we tell you the top 3 ad networks for cooking blogs in 2022

A blog is a website that focuses primarily on written content, sometimes referred to as posts. You’ve probably heard of news or fashion blogs, but you can create a successful blog on almost any subject you can think of.

In this case, the cooking blog could be about food dishes and their preparation. In addition, there can be recipes, plates and recommended restaurants. Depending on each blog, it can be referred to a single type of cuisine which is better because it will be more specific, or with more variety.

Here are some tips you can follow to run a successful cooking blog:

    1. Choose a specific type of cuisine

Choosing a particular type of food will make you more relatable to the public because it will be more personal. People will feel more related and identified. 

    2. Varied content

Varied content means showing different views of cooking. Whether it’s the whole preparation process, ready-made dishes, showing the raw material. Also referred to show things like restaurants and recipes.

    3. The Key of Making Money With Blogs: Ads

Consider placing adverts on your blog if you want to quickly generate more cash from your blog. An ad network, which is essentially a service that connects online marketers with website publishers, is required to make this happen.

The majority of ad solutions employ an automated network to place ads in pre-determined sections of your cuisine blog. You get a portion of the commission when a consumer interacts with these advertisements (by seeing them, clicking on them, or making a purchase through the ad), and the rest goes to the network.

You’ve almost certainly come upon MediaFem when looking for a solid ad network.

This is a full-service SSP platform based in the United Kingdom with over 12 years of ad monetization experience. Many publishers all over the world utilize their ad codes to encourage consumers to read more articles on the same site or to improve referral traffic revenue. The platform, which is powered by a modern predictive engine, provides publishers with features such as A/B testing, intelligence reporting, and personalisation that are critical to digital media success.

MediaFem does not charge any upfront costs because they work with a 70 percent Rev. Share model for Publishers. These percentages are consistent across all publications, regardless of their geographic location, and are not averaged. Publishers can select between header bidding and the usual One Ad Code option with their solutions. Video, display, mobile, and native formats are all available with MediaFem.

You can sign up here.

    4. Keywords that are relevant

You must employ relevant keywords that are appropriate for your website in order to raise your rates and operate a profitable blog. If a website ranks highly for a single keyword but contains no material related to the term’s core theme, the user will quickly abandon the site.

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