Are you seeking the best Ad Network for French mobile traffic?

Although there are many different sizes and designs of mobile advertisements, did you know that some are more effective than others?

If you know how to set up a display campaign, you should be able to tell the difference between different ad sizes on your smartphone and concentrate on the ones that convert effectively and have the most inventory.

Mobile traffic from local sites and blogs has surged by 67 percent when compared to other enterprises, startups, and other associations in France. Only 3% of the sites in the area share the same features as this one.

The 3 sites that have the most traffic in France are Google, Youtube, and Facebook.

You’ll need high-quality visitors to promote your Mobile site. However, in order to improve user experience and generate revenue, we recommend that publishers link to ad platforms that are appropriate for their needs.

Here are some ideas for making money off your French mobile traffic:

Interstitial Ads

In this sort of software marketing, full-screen pop-ups appear at predetermined periods. You can close this ad by pressing the close button in the upper left or right corner.

When a user finishes altering a photo and saves it to the gallery, for example, advertising may show.

Banner Ads

These are multi-length display adverts that run at the top or bottom of the app screen. They are usually small and unobtrusive, making the app accessible to anybody.

In-app Video Advertisements

These adverts are often utilized as a reward video in exchange for in-app incentives and are presented automatically. Users can earn app money by watching commercial videos, for example, which they can use to unlock levels or purchase unique features. This advertising revenue model is most typically used by clients.

Native Ads

Native advertisements are embedded in the app to act as a natural component. It’s most typically used to advertise a product or a smartphone app. In this instance, free affiliate marketing can assist you in improving the user experience of your software.

People are becoming less irritated and disruptive as a result of such advertising, therefore this method is becoming more popular.

However, one thing to remember with native advertising is that, in comparison to other forms, its profit margins might be quite low.

Consumers despise native adverts the most, despite the fact that mobile app developers believe they are the greatest tactic.

Rewarded Videos

When it comes to in-app ad integration, this is the most effective advertising model. In exchange for points, property, or virtual items, online viewers watch them. It’s simple to make money with this ad model, and as an advertiser, you can instantly deliver the brand’s messages.

Because viewers are paid for watching these advertisements, the key advantage of employing this marketing method is that it has a high retention rate. It’s better for the gaming app industry since people prefer free items, and the effective cost per mille for this type of advertising is higher than for any other.

Advertisements On Your Mobile

To increase your revenues, consider placing adverts on your cell phone. This entails using an ad network, which is a service that connects web advertisers and bloggers.

Most advertising systems employ an automated network to display advertisements on specified mobile pages. If a visitor interacts with these advertising (by looking at them, clicking on them, or making a purchase), you’ll get a cut of the money, with the rest going to the network.

You most likely found MediaFem when looking for a reputable ad network.

This is a full-service SSP platform with over thirteen years of ad monetization experience in the United Kingdom. Ad codes are used by many publishers and website owners all over the world to persuade users to read content on the same page or to earn money through referrals. Publishers can use tools like A/B testing, intelligence reports, and personalization options on the platform, which is powered by a complex engine.

This is also a network that distributes 70% of MediaFem‘s revenue generated as a result of the service to publishers. These figures are not averaged and are consistent across all publishers, regardless of location. It is now one of the most popular pay-per-click (PPC) systems on the internet, with over 10 million websites using it.

You can sign up to MediaFem here

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