We could define Digital Marketing as a set of activities that a company or person executes on the internet in order to attract new business and develop a company identity. Digital marketing mainly allows for promoting the visibility and notoriety of business and increasing sales, but it can be used for multiple purposes through numerous online marketing techniques. The concept of Digital Marketing does not remain static; the practice of this discipline is constantly evolving. In addition, in recent years the tools and platforms of digital marketing have not stopped growing. Do not stay behind and begin to internalize the universe of Digital Marketing.

What Is Digital Marketing For?

Traditional Marketing approaches the customer in a direct and intrusive way. For its part, Digital Marketing connects with Internet users through quality and value content with the aim that the product or service is perceived by the consumer.

Let’s see what Digital Marketing is for:

  • Recruitment of potential clients: First of all, you must know your client. Define your ideal buyer. In this way you will be able to find the right message; tone and positioning to address it when you implement your marketing; and communication strategies in general (advertising, social networks, content creation, etc). You cannot address all your potential customers, because your message would be too general and not very personalized; thus losing quality and impact possibilities by not being specific enough.
    Define your ideal clients to put yourself in their shoes. Understand their needs and preferences and be able to speak with them as closely as possible, gaining their trust.
  • Sales increase: What any company is looking for is to increase its sales. Digital marketing strategies are the best way to achieve it.
    By implementing the greatest number of actions in your marketing strategy, you will be able to increase the possibility of capturing a potential consumer in the most convenient way so that your sales professionals can do their best job: Sell. So it is essential to have a powerful Digital Marketing strategy, to be able to find your target audience, and it is best to achieve it in several ways.
  • Customer loyalty: Many studies prove, as far as investment is concerned, that it is easier to retain existing customers than to win new customers. Digital Marketing will help you retain your customers. Maintaining constant contact without being intrusive will allow you to get consumers to establish a connection with your business. It is important that you do not forget to always try to attract more customers, this can be achieved with good strategies such as good SEO positioning.
  • Improves business visibility and notoriety: Through Digital Marketing, you can make your company known by various types of audiences. Your potential client can be found within any type of public. The implementation of good digital marketing strategies to increase your notoriety will help you make the largest number of users aware of your company and business , regardless of which audience it belongs to.
  • Building an online reputation: Online reputation is the prestige or esteem that a business or a person acquires on the Internet. It is not completely under the control of a company, since Internet users can help make it by providing their comments and opinions. Thanks to Digital Marketing and certain monitoring tools, you can know the status of your company’s online reputation.
  • Cost reduction compared to Traditional Marketing: Advertising on television, radio and print media requires a huge amount of resources. Although it is a mistake to think that in Digital Marketing it is not necessary to have a good budget, the investment costs can be much lower. Depending on the type of business, investment in paid advertising to obtain specific results allows the entrepreneur to decide the amount he is going to invest based on his economic capabilities.

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