Different types of content are appropriate for different stages of the funnel, different users, and different user contexts (location, device, etc.). A good content strategy will contain a combination of the different formats that we are going to describe in this article. To generate income with your blog it is not enough just to monetize, it is important that you have a good strategy. In previous articles we have already talked about SEO and search engines, today we will talk a little more about content.


Both people and Google like lists. They are easy to assimilate, easy to understand, and easy to interact with. It seems silly, but it really is something that is attractive and will increase your traffic. The lists quickly show an overview of the content you will address. Don’t underestimate them.

Guides And Tables

They are perfect for providing step-by-step recommendations for a specific query. In a long format, they can be a lot of work; but this type of content can really help your audience understand a specific topic in-depth or more in-depth. The data or information tables on your pages are easy for Google to understand, and they are also incredibly useful for your audience when they need to process data in relation to a topic. It is not the most entertaining thing in the world to do this, but it is certainly a way to make reading easier for your readers.

Visual Supports


Pictures, photos, illustrations… Google includes them more and more in the SERPs, especially on mobile devices. Also, images, when used and tagged properly, can drive visits from Google image search, which is particularly popular in some industries and types of queries (for example, fashion or travel).


They are images that contain information (usually illustrations and text) that makes them stand-alone content. They are excellent as content to reach your audience through social networks since they can generate great interaction. In addition, they are also a great way to build links.


Google is including more and more videos in search results. This statement is especially true for instructional videos. If you have a DIY, travel or education blog, keep this in mind. There are many blogs that only publish text. In short posts this is perfect, since it is not necessary to retain attention with extra resources. But in long posts a break from what is written is necessary.

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