You may generate more revenue from Adsense and other advertisements on your site than you pay on web traffic with a correct setup Adsense arbitrage plan.

Is AdSense Arbitrage Still A Viable Business Strategy In 2021?

Unquestionably! There will be more companies and individuals to promote to as more people across the world begin to utilize the internet and spend more time on it. In 2021, you may make a lot of money through Adsense arbitrage as a publisher or website owner.

Is it tough to make money utilizing the Adsense arbitrage method?

The Adsense arbitrage strategy isn’t difficult, but it does need the appropriate balancing of three variables.

So, What Do You Need In Order To Make Money Using AdSense Arbitrage?
  • A one-of-a-kind WordPress blog with a high percentage of ad conversion.
  • Web traffic at a low cost
  • Posts on the blog that are both fun and educational
  • To get started, you’ll also need a $150 AdSense account.

What is the best AdSense arbitrage niche? And why do you need a niche that is distinct, ad-focused, and has a high ad CTR?

To make money with AdSense and other display adverts, your home page has to be spotless, with a focus on your ad spots. Most WordPress blogs do not meet these requirements. Why is this the case? Because you need to focus your users’ attention on two things: your AdSense ads and your content. Nothing else exists. There are no gimmicks or distracting elements.

Things You Need To Avoid:
  • Animations are something you should stay away from (slows down your blog)
  • Strong use of color and design elements that are showy (99 percent of blogs has useless parts, which you have to cut off, in order to have a high-performing Adsense website)
  • Huge headers and footers (menus with lots of photographs and information are the best strategy to divert your visitors’ attention away from your ad-filled content)
  • Tons of theme options (although some of you like to spend days cleaning a theme, removing all the unnecessary, inconvenient aspects, and attempting to tune the website to be ideal for the Adsense Arbitrage approach… It does, however, take days to finish and weeks to evaluate how well it works.
Things You Should Include On Your Blog:
  • The design is simplistic and straightforward (it makes people consume your content and ads right away, instead of wasting time on design elements)
  • The navigation is simple (fast user experience)
  • Blog postings that cover many pages
  • It’s ad-friendly.
  • Advertisement spots integrated into the structure
  • Testing in high-traffic areas
  • There are fewer options, and breaking the advertising ctr is difficult (go for great CTR at the start and make a good profit, instead of testing ad locations and wasting money for nothing)
  • Optimized for mobile device viral traffic
Get Cheap Website Traffic In 2021

In 2021, you can get inexpensive website traffic.

Low-cost Internet traffic is a necessity. You’ll need either free SEO traffic or sponsored traffic from social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. If you already have a significant audience, that’s great since you’ll be able to send 100 percent free internet traffic to your AdSense arbitrage website. The other way is to buy traffic, which is employed by the majority of publishers and website owners. Sponsored traffic may be obtained from a variety of sources, including advertising businesses, blogs, websites, social media pages, and even influencers or marketers with email lists.

What Is The Best Solution If This Type Of Monetization Is Not Viable For Me?

You have other options available to you. MediaFem is one of the greatest. MediaFem, which has been in operation for more than 13 years, is also up to date on new technological advancements. On a regular basis, the Publisher comes across a network that controls and monitors activities. Because of their transparency and integrity, using their services is completely safe. The company’s business model is built on revenue sharing, with publishers receiving 70% of income and the ad platform 30%.

Publishers can choose between header bidding and the standard One Ad Code format for their solutions.

You can sign up to MediaFem by clicking here.

You must continue to attempt new things in order to improve your traffic arbitrage experience. The key to success is to continue to test on a regular basis. This is most likely true not only for effective traffic arbitrage, but also for maintaining a high revenue standard.

You will gain from both little and large quantities of traffic arbitrage. To manage a high level of profit, you must establish exact projections. The time, effort, and money invested in creating the optimal strategy would be well worth it.

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