Find in this article all that you need to know to have the best monetization of your tech site.

Technology blogs have shown an unbelievable exponential growth in recent years, held back by tech evolution. Many bloggers spend their time creating magnificent pieces of content and we believe that approaching this quality is a perfect way to begin or improve a fantastic business. The best and most popular way of doing it is by utilizing CPM advertising networks.

CPM refers to the term “cost per mille,” sometimes known as “cost per thousand impressions.” It’s a figure that represents the cost of having a website ad posted and viewed 1,000 times. Businesses can profit from every advertisement that is shown using the CPM approach. It is the most common pricing mechanism for mobile advertisements and the most widely known among publishers because it tends to focus on impressions rather than clicks.

Advertising networks allow you to post content on your website and pay you each moment a customer taps or passes over an ad. A succession of articles is generated with information obtained from your site and visitor algorithms choose advertisements. It increases your flow and, as a result, your page will receive a better place in the search.

There are many options for selecting a platform for your website, but the end result will differ depending on the one you choose. Not all companies offer the same characteristics of service. Despite the fact that they are all in the same category of competitors, each company has its own set of rules, requirements, and standards, among other things. It is difficult to analyze all of the facts, but even more so when they all seem to be wonderful at the first instant.

There are numerous examples of terrible enterprises that have driven bloggers to waste resources. It’s just that not all companies have the tools to respond in the best way to every kind of site that demands their service. You must find a company able to manage your site as well as others. That is why we are advising you, based on our experience testing different companies in different sceneries, that these are the three best possibilities available on the internet.


MediaFem has developed into the firm it is today by providing essential data and using more effective approaches than other ad networks. MediaFem is a well-known internet company that is polite, knowledgeable, and attentive to your needs. The financial profit ratio for the company is 70-30. They gave the publishers 70% and the authors 30% of the revenues.

It works by using an algorithm to analyse the content of a website or blog in order to show researchers a similar ad. Simply copy and paste the advertising provider’s ad information into your website, and you’ll be paid every time someone visits or scrolls through it. Unlike other ad networks, this one is dedicated to supplying bloggers with high-quality material. It reacts swiftly to changing advertising requirements, ensuring that each impression is as positive as possible.

Start with MediaFem-

To get started, publishers must first complete a simple registration process:

1- Go to and look it up.
2- Make a new account and fill out the form with basic information about yourself and your website.
3- Start publicizing your work. Websites and blogs in a range of languages and nations are accepted by MediaFem.


RevenueHits, a relative newcomer to the sector, is gaining traction as a trustworthy monetization platform. RevenueHits boasts an innovative ad optimization engine that learns from your ad performance and recommends the ideal places for ads on your site.

To get started with RevenueHits, there is no minimum traffic requirement. It’s vital to note, however, that RevenueHits advertising are performance-based rather than cost-per-click. This means you won’t make money solely through clicks. Visitors must click your ad and then execute particular actions on the advertised website to receive cash for your blog. These acts differ each advertiser, but they are always more difficult to achieve than a simple click. Making a purchase or subscribing to a service on the internet are common examples.


Consider BuySellAds, a self-serve ad portal for publishers, if your blog has constant high traffic. To join BuySellAds, you’ll need at least 100,000 monthly page views, and it only accepts English-language websites with great content and design.

You’ll get a 75% commission each click if you can attain this high bar. This is quite competitive in the business, and substantially higher than Google’s 62 percent per click commission rate. With PayPal, the minimum payout is only $20.

Banners, text advertisements, native ads, RSS feed ads, email ads, and content sponsorships are examples of ad formats. BuySellAds, unlike other solutions, does not show automated or targeted adverts. Instead, publishers use a marketplace to sell the ad space on their site to marketers.