If you have a blog and monetize it, you have probably realized that it is not as simple as it is painted. Yes, it’s nothing out of this world, but it’s not something you do once and ignore. In order to have a good income from your blog, you need to investigate and know. Therefore, below we will tell you some useful tips to increase the income of your blog.

Content SEO

Meta titles and meta descriptions

These areas of a page determine, in many cases, what Google shows its users in search results. An accurate meta title that clearly and unequivocally describes what the content of the page offers to the user is extremely important: it is the reason why they click on your result or not.

The meta title and meta description are essentially the sales copy that is needed to attract the user and also help Google better understand the content and purpose of each page.

Ideally, the meta title includes the main keywords that the user searched for. This is essential both for the Google algorithm and for the user himself. People feel more comfortable and are more likely to click if the text contains the words they used in their search.


The title that the user sees when they arrive at your page is a key signal for Google. Like the meta title, it should be clear and unambiguous and include the terms that the user searched for. Again, this is an important signal for Google, but also a useful one for the user.

Writing style

Make sure your writing is simple, clear, and focused. Use short sentences, break content into logical chunks, and stay on topic. Help readers find the solution to their problem. Organize your content so that the value you provide is easy to identify, understand, and interact with.

Rich content

Include rich content such as audio, video, and illustrative images whenever possible. Google is not able to understand the content of images or videos, so when you include these more interactive formats, accompany them with the appropriate meta tags to help Google and people with visual impairments understand what the image or video is about.

You can also include a written version to make it easier for users who prefer content that way.

Outgoing links

These types of links lead to sources that confirm the accuracy of your content and validate your credibility and that of the author.


Explicitly identify the author where appropriate. If they have a great E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness), this will bring credibility to the content. Going further, your content does not live in isolation. It’s vital to view each piece of content as part of an overall cohesive content strategy. As soon as you do, you’ll be thinking in terms of content advertising.

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