Beauty blogs, music blogs, travel blogs, and food blogs… all very nice, but the truth is that if we want to have a blog it must be about something that interests us; otherwise, it becomes very difficult to keep it updated with content. For this reason, many times if our interests or passions are not so mainstream, we think that they are not profitable. Well, you will probably be surprised when you see this list, but the truth is that blogs with less “popular” topics can also generate a high level of profitability. Think of it this way: maybe there are fewer people interested in a bitcoin blog than there are makeup blogs, but there are still fewer such blogs, which is a great opportunity to reach a slightly more unusual community. Therefore, here we will tell you about some Types of Blogs You Probably Didn’t Know Can Generate Income.

1. Financial blogs

Many of us need help and advice to manage our finances efficiently. This gives finance blogs a wide and growing audience ranging from serious investors to families trying to save for a better future. Personal finance blogs share tips for businesses, investors, startups, individuals, and families. It’s a good blog niche for people interested in the complex world of managing money and building wealth.

2. Political blogs

Political blogs have perhaps the most passionate audience of all, believe it or not. They cover political news, political news analysis, and can quickly build a very large and engaging audience. It has become common for large political parties to hire their own blogging team. These bloggers share the political party’s agenda and write about their policies and plans to attract more people to the candidates.

3. Blogging for parents

Parent blogs have a huge, passionate and highly engaged audience. New parents care a lot and are always willing to improve their parenting skills. Mommy blogs and daddy blogs have different writing styles. These blogs can include activities with children, food guidance, early home education techniques, and much more.

4. Business blogging

Business blogs are professional blogs related to corporate agencies, industries, and others. They offer an informal way to communicate with customers and educate them about a business product or service. OptinMonster’s conversion rate optimization blog is a great example of a business blog. Educate users on converting website visitors into customers using the world’s best conversion optimization software.

5. Personal blogs

Personal blogs are owned by individual writers who share their experiences, adventures, and everyday life, with their audience. The purpose of personal blogs is to make a difference through positive stories or to influence readers with your own views. Personal bloggers also include photographers who share photos online to get more work, vloggers who create videos about their daily routine, chefs who share recipes on their blog, and more.

6. Movie blogs

Movie blogs share news and reviews of new movies and the film industry in general. They have a huge audience on the internet. Movie bloggers are invited to watch premieres, before the public release of movies, so they can write reviews and generate feedback on the upcoming movie.

7. Car blogs

Auto blogs are usually about luxury and sports cars. They cover a wide range of topics, including the latest car models, their features, engineering, and more. They can even partner with local car dealers for business opportunities. These blogs have all the information about modern cars, old cars, safety tips for drivers and more. Many people are attracted to good cars and spend a lot of time reading about the features of their favorite cars online. It is a great niche to adopt as a type of blog for car lovers. Some bloggers also write about car financing tips, financing calculators, corporate and bank offers, and financing schedules. Help the reader find cars in their budget without visiting showrooms.

8. News blogs

News blogs cover local news and are a great way for journalism students to build their resume and sharpen their skills. They can cover a wide range of topics or be limited to a particular news section. News blogs are not just for sharing news.
They also include opinion pieces to share the blogger’s own perspective on the news. News blogs are updated more frequently to cover the latest happenings. The news can be about climate change, scientific innovations, technology, politics, religion and more. Major media outlets have multiple bloggers to work on each of these subtypes of news blogging.

9. Pet blogs

Pet blogging is another type of blog with a large online readership that includes pet owners, animal lovers, animal shelters, and people looking for pets. It is true that the undisputed domain of these furry ones is that of social networks, but blogs are also a great space for this content. Pet bloggers share tips on keeping pets healthy, pet care, food, and training. Animal foster homes also write about their efforts to protect and save animals. Pet bloggers can partner with companies that sell pet care products to generate income.

10. Gaming blogs

Gaming blogs cater to a large community of gamers looking for articles on the latest games, gaming hardware, events, game cheats, and more. The ESports community has grown significantly in recent years. Most gaming blogs belong to gamers, reviewers, and official communities of big game development agencies. They have international events for players and reward plans for winners. It is a very popular type of blog and it grows every day.

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