Getting traffic is the best way to get money through ads in any online venture, especially if you have a blog and you are looking to make money with it, so it is necessary to know what are the tools to have traction organically.

While this is an unknown tool and not entirely promoted by Google AdSense, Arbitrage is a way to more efficiently maximize your ads. You can call it a business strategy where you purchase traffic at a lower price, to resell it and gain revenue on your blog site.

Traffic arbitrage is the best way to raise money online, but not everyone uses it, and only a handful of sites can do it for you. If it weren’t for these sites that connect content internet sites with advertisers through programmatic platforms it would be increasingly difficult to generate profits with your blog or website.

What Are the Benefits Of Trying Traffic Arbitrage?

  • A way to make money without the need for a website being created;
  • You can get started with a small number of funds.
  • Easy to use; flexible working hours;
  • These are in high demand.

Arbitration involves a carefully designed plan to obtain insight into these processes. A new blogger can collect $100 or more a month in the long term, while a specialist in arbitrage can get more than 4 numbers.

The publisher would find it makes sense to buy traffic if the audience is well defined and traffic is paying. It can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Making use of ad networks (low-budget option)
  • Networks in social media (article promotion and buying)
  • advertisements targeted to a particular audience (expensive)
  • networks with banner ads

The main advantages of paying for traffic are speed and profitability. To optimize income, you must first decide the target audience, the network for placing ads, and the approaches for reselling traffic.

Since it is not an option given by Google so directly, it is necessary to approach it through another platform. One of those that can get it is MediaFem, one of the most used to get ads quickly.

Since its inception more than 13 years ago, MediaFem has remained current with the newest advances in the advertising sector.

MediaFem offers a series of, not only short- and long-term goals regarding profits, but has evolved a series of codes for so-called niche marketing, which allows all ads to reach places where there is real interest in what is offered.

The publisher interacts with a network that provides operational transparency and reporting regularly. It is completely free to use their service due to their effectiveness and dependability. Their business plan is based on a 70% income share for publishers and a 30% share for them.

For their solutions, publishers can choose between the bidding headers and the regular One Ad Code form. A few of the MediaFem ads are video, mobile, web and native.

You can sign up to MediaFem by clicking here.


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