PopAds, as the name implies, offers popunder ads and claims to be one of the most profitable advertising channels for this type of ad.

They have advertisers from more than 50 countries on their site, and they have a guide plan for publishers. To improve your campaigns, you can use a variety of targeting methods. It employs a cutting-edge bidding method that allows you to choose how much you want to pay for each popunder. The lower your offer is, the less traffic you will get.

All websites are authorized to ensure that advertisements are brand-safe, ensuring that you receive high-quality traffic and reliable advertisements.

PopAds will be one of your first choices if you want to start monetizing your domain. This software helps people to make money by inserting advertisements that are important to the content of their website as well as the publisher’s geographic region. These advertisements will generate income based on how many times they are clicked or how many times they are used.

Even though an ad network like this one can be useful, it’s important to weigh all of your choices and make sure you’re using the right option for you. You’ll notice the capabilities available to maximize your advertisement revenue and efficiency once you start looking at what else is on the market

We compare some of the best PopAds Alternatives for Small Publishers in 2021:


This is a full-service SSP platform headquartered in the United Kingdom with over 13 years of ad monetization experience. Many publishers all over the world use their native codes to encourage users to read more posts on the same platform or to boost referral traffic revenue. The platform, which is assisted by a modern predictive engine, provides publishers with features such as A/B testing, intelligent reporting, and personalization that are incredibly important to digital media success.

MediaFem does not charge any additional costs because they operate on a 70 percent Rev. Share model for Publishers. These percentages are common for all publishers, regardless of their geographic position, and are not average. 

For us this will be our primary suggestion to start, you can sign up in MediaFem here.


Yahoo and Bing jointly operate Media.net. It is one of the largest ad sites in the world, and it is used by well-known brands all over the world.

Its contextual ads give you full access to searches from well-known search engines like Yahoo, enabling you to monetize your content.The market connects you with content-driven publishers so you can raise your ad sales while still reaching into a vast search market.

Media.net was one of the first organizations to make a completely operated server-side header bidding network, allowing you to get the most out of programmatic display with less effort.


Many people are looking for alternatives to PopAds in order to increase their sales percentage, which is why ylliX is certainly worth a shot. It’s a desktop and mobile advertisement network that offers popunder ads, sliders, layer ads, and full-page ads, among other ad styles.

Instant account approval, fair pricing, comprehensive reports, regular payments, and 100% fill rates are all available, as well as precise campaign targeting and a self-serve platform that gives you complete control over your campaigns. To ensure quality and increase conversions, traffic is sourced from validated sources, and publishers are not charged for using ylliX.


This is a display advertising network that pays you by CPC or CPM, meaning you don’t need visitors to click on an ad to earn money. You get paid only for them watching the CPM ad after it’s been placed.

Adbuff is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a decent alternative to PopAds that pays well. Publishers earn 90% of ad sales, making this one of the best ad revenue payment methods. All advertisements are suitable for family audiences, so you can rest assured that your website or blog will feature brand-safe advertisements.

Only English-language pages with traffic mainly from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom are accepted by Adbuff. You must also have at least 2,500 monthly visits to your website or blog in order to be accepted. Adbuff accepts only national advertisers with monthly budgets of $1,000 or more.

Ad Blade

Publishers may use Ad Blade to position their ads in front of specific target audiences all over the world. This channel has a broad network of well-known publishers, including Fox News, ABC, and over 1,000 others. They pay close attention to the websites they allow into the network, so you won’t end up with poor ad placement on a blog you don’t want to be associated with.

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