Native advertising is a type of paid media in which the ad experience is designed to replicate the natural appearance and purpose of the user experience in which it is placed. Native ads appear in the content itself, rather than as a banner or box on the top or side of a website (or above your Searches). The premise is that advertisements that don’t look like ads work better. Native advertising appears to be here to stay, as shown by its increasing presence in major publications and through a variety of niches.

However, in order to boost the user experience and maximize their profits, we suggest that Publishers work with native ad networks.

Adcash DSP+ is one of the most well-known. With over 10,000 successful campaigns around the world, this is an online advertising network for both advertisers and publishers. Pop-unders, native advertising, push alerts, banners, and interstitials are among the best-performing ad types for both web and smartphone monetization.

They have a number of tools and features that help publishers efficiently monetize their traffic, and their technology works around ad blockers. Publishers can rely on them for high eCPMs, flexible payment terms, real-time statistics, and assistance.

Even though an ad network like this one can be handy, you should consider all of your options to ensure you’re selecting the appropriate option for you. When you look at what AdCash has to offer, you’ll find the tools available to optimize your advertisement revenue and performance.

In this article, we compare some of the best AdCash Alternatives for Native Advertising 2021:


MediaFem is a full-service platform based in the United Kingdom with more than ten years of programmatic monetization experience. Many publishers all over the world use its native codes to attract users to read more posts on the same platform or to raise referral traffic earnings. The platform, which is powered by a modern predictive engine, provides publishers with features such as A/B testing, intelligent reporting, and personalization that are essential for digital media success.

MediaFem does not charge any fees (they pay in Net53 terms) because they use a 70% Rev. Share model for Publishers. These percentages are common for all publishers, regardless of their geographic area, and they are not averaged.

So for us will be our primary suggestion to start, you can sign up in MediaFem here.


Publishers are using Outbrain to gain access to some of the best native DSPs for programmatic demand. It not only supports a variety of ad formats, but it also has a content recirculation feature that allows publishers to recirculate content and gives users more chances to read it and access the website.

It merged with Taboola in 2019, and it now needs a minimum of 10 million pageviews, a payment deadline of Net60 to Net90 days, and it works on CPM and CPC models. Outbrain has clients all over the United States.


Customers use a real-time bid system to buy and sell traffic on this native ad network. Displays, email addresses, domains, pops, and RON traffic, among other items, can be purchased.

Their user-friendly geo-targeting framework monetizes all of their clients’ international traffic and guarantees a high RPM. Redirect offers a single redirect connection that must be entered as a broad-based geo-redirect link into the framework.

For example, if you take advantage of an offer that currently only accepts US traffic, traffic from other countries will be redirected to a connection that geo-targets the excluded traffic to a page that allows you to effectively monetize international traffic.


It’s a high-end native platform. Its dynamic native templating technology aids publishers in the development and optimization of native ads for increased click-through rates and viewability.

Sharethrough is used by publishers all over the world to fuel their native advertising. It uses off-the-shelf media packages or personalized targeting to offer in-feed native ads to targeted audiences.

Select Media

Select Media is one of the most successful smartphone and online video monetization networks. Its platform gives publishers access to a network of high-quality, secure advertising, which is one of the reasons Select Media is so picky about who it works with.

They have over 700 direct sites in 50 countries and use advanced technologies to take RTB operations to the next level. It’s an excellent platform for Asian and American publishers. These, on the other hand, should receive at least 250,000 regular visits.

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