Are you trying to find a better alternative to Taboola with higher CPC? Check these ones!

CPC refers to a digital advertising strategy in which advertisers pay a publisher for each time their ad is clicked inside the publisher’s inventory—that is, their app or website. To compute the amount spent per click, apply the following formula: subtract the total cost of clicks from the total number of clicks.

Doesn’t it sound good? However, the issue arises when it comes to deciding which ad network to utilize to monetize your website. This may be a difficult chore because not all of them operate in the same manner, particularly when it comes to payments. For this, Taboola is one of the most used ad networks at the moment.


This is a prominent advertising platform that strives to give the greatest things online for customers depending on their interests. By suggesting what other users might be interested in, the platform delivers individualized information as well as personalized advertising and digital marketing.

However, you may have tried it and discovered that it was not the perfect network for you, and you now want to try something more profitable. This indicates you’re hoping to make more money from your website or blog, and we’ll tell you which ad networks are ideal for that:

1. MediaFem

MediaFem is a 12-year-old ad network that uses programmatic platforms to link content websites with advertisers and then collects a fee based on the software’s on-site income. It has developed a set of adaptive marketing standards that enable each advertising to target those who are interested in the content offered.

MediaFem takes pride in its ability to provide marketers with higher-quality material than other ad networks. This platform delivers rapid response from the minute an ad request is received, ensuring that each impression is delivered for the most comfortable viewing possible. This platform has grown into the business it is now by providing relevant content and employing more efficient ways than other ad networks.

2. TripleLift

TripleLift is a native advertising programmatic advertising platform that allows OTT and native publishers to monetise their inventory through TripleLift’s demand associates and partners. This ad network offers the option of having a professional account manager as well as a customer support staff to assist with running ad campaigns. Ad formats supported include in-article, in-feed, carousel, and video advertising.

3. RevContent

According to the ad publisher’s website, RevContent delivers 250 billion unique content suggestions every month and has collaborated with a variety of advertisers and publishers, including Forbes and Wayfair. The advertising network provides marketers with a self-service function, allowing them to show native advertising tailored to their specific company needs.