When you monetize your website or blog, your goal is always making a good profit out of it, and sometimes that’s not the case. So, if you’re using Taboola and you don’t find it profitable enough, here we present to you three alternatives to it.

Taboola is one of the most popular ad networks at the moment. It is an advertising platform that tries to deliver the best items online for customers based on their interests, is one of the most popular. The platform provides personalized information as well as personalized advertising and digital marketing by proposing what other users might be interested in.

However, you might have tried it and realized that it wasn’t the right network for you and you want to try something more profitable. This means that you’re looking forward to gaining more money out of your website or blog, and here we will tell you which ad networks can be perfect for that:

1. MediaFem

MediaFem is a full-service SSP platform based in the United Kingdom with over 12 years of ad monetization expertise. Ad codes are used by many publications across the world to encourage visitors to read additional articles on the same website or to boost income from referral traffic. The platform, powered by a contemporary prediction engine, provides publishers with essential tools for digital media success, such as A/B testing, intelligence reports, and customization options.

MediaFem does not charge any upfront fees when paying in Net53 terms because they use a revenue-sharing plan of 70% for publishers. These percentages remain constant independent of a publisher’s geographical location and are unaffected by any conditions, making it perfect for Asian publishers.

2. Vibrant Media

In addition to the conventional IAB display ad units, Vibrant Media provides Better-Ads and Chrome filter-friendly ad formats such as in-text, in-image, lightbox, storyboard, mosaic, and brand canvas.

Publishers may utilize Vibrant Media as their primary display ad network or use their native ad solutions to generate income without changing their present ad setup, depending on their needs.

3. Epom Market

Epom Market is a cross-platform ad network that works with top advertisers and publishers in over 40 countries and 15 verticals. As a result, the ad network provides 13 billion ad impressions each month and reaches 320 million unique monthly visitors.

It provides category-targeted, mobile, and local advertisements to improve user targeting, resulting in greater eCPM rates. Epom offers footer, in-text, and mobile-specific ad units in addition to traditional banner advertising.

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