Are you a new blogger and you want to monetize your website? Keep reading because we will explain to you how to do it via using an ad network with native ads.

Currently, there are many ways to earn money on the internet. The most common method is to use an ad network to monetize your blog or application. If you are unfamiliar with it, then we will explain you. An advertising network is a digital platform that connects a group of publishers.

You’ll get compensated by an ad network based on the number of impressions each advertisement generates (in other words, how many visitors see the ad). This will be advantageous if you have a significant number of website visits.

If you want to use advertising, native advertisements are the ideal option because they are one of the most successful types of advertising because they are less intrusive than pop-ups and come in a variety of styles. Native advertisements also garnered more views and had a higher click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate than banner ads.

What Are Native Advertisements?

Native advertising is adapted to the appearance and feel of the platform on which it appears. It is comparable to an advertorial in that it takes the form of a video, article, or editorial.

Native ads are far more noticeable than traditional banner ads, with consumers detecting in-stream native ad placements 25% more. Consumers read native adverts 53 percent more frequently than display ads. Native ads improve brand affinity by 9 percent when compared to banner ads.

However, there are so many platforms to pick from that deciding which is the best can be difficult. We also recognize how tough it is to find technology that matches your needs. That’s why we recommend using these platforms, which are the best ad network for your blog, to start monetizing it.


1- MediaFem

MediaFem is an effective ad network that allows you to make even more money from your website. What distinguishes them from other ad networks? MediaFem’s ad network offers personalized content, optimization tools, video, display, native, desktop, and mobile ads, to name a few.

Thanks to their seamless integrations, you can also reach out to tens of thousands of new clients. Publishers will also receive 70% of the earnings and 30% of the revenue generated by this ad network.

MediaFem helps you post ads on your blog or website and sends you an ad report with your revenue. And MediaFem is more than simply an advertising platform; they are always upgrading and optimizing to ensure that you get the best possible results.


2- Voluum 

You’d run CPM native ads on 20+ networks using Voluum. Using a native platform, you can buy, track, and scale your performance advertising. A variety of ad exchanges sell conversion-oriented traffic. You can keep track of your progress with our built-in tracker. You can effortlessly scale with the support of our expertise. Designed with affiliate marketers and performance marketing companies in mind. Cross-group reports are simple to use and can be used to evaluate data for a variety of purposes.



Companies are matched with consumers who are most receptive to new messaging, products, and services through the platform. It also suggests sites that those viewers are likely to trust. Publishers, mobile carriers, and other digital assets can benefit from the Taboola ad platform’s powerful monetization capabilities.

Native advertisements on Taboola are usually found as content recommendations in customized widgets on the bottom, top, or side of the website, or in the general news stream.


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