Are you a new blogger seeking an ad network that will help you to monetize your low-traffic blog? If you said yes, then today is your lucky day.

Given the increased activity of internet users, the digital sector has more than benefited from financial perspective after the unexpected situation that occurred in 2020. This context has also resulted in many improvements and evolutions within society, the most significant of which is the change in entertainment consumption habits. The advertising and entertainment industries, in particular, have undergone a drastic change in content consumption habits.

According to analysts, content consumption on digital channels doubled after the pandemic and continues to climb afterward.

The advertising industry is a fast-paced world. This is why it is important for Publishers to be able to work with ad networks that have delivered positive reviews for their work over the course of the year. These are some of the greatest ad networks for publishers trying to maximize their profits if you’re looking for a way to protect your revenue in such a diverse and competitive time.

We compare some of the Best Online Advertising Platforms with Fast Approval:


MediaFem is a full-service platform based in the United Kingdom with more than ten years of programmatic monetization experience. Many websites all over the world use its ad codes to enable readers to read more content on the same platform or to boost referral traffic profits.

The platform, which is operated by a modern analytical engine, provides publishers with features such as A/B checking, intelligent reporting, and personalization that are vital to digital media performance. Publishers can choose between header bidding and the traditional One Ad Code choice for their solutions. This advertising network supports a wide range of platforms, including video, web, mobile, and native ads.

Paying in Net53 terms, MediaFem does not charge any fee cost as they work with a Rev. Share model 70% for Publishers. These percentages are common for all publishers, regardless of their geographic area, and are not averaged across them. You can pick any kind of advertising that best suits your blog, making MediaFem the most common platform for content creators to earn significant sums of money.


Bidvertiser is an ad network with a fascinating monetization model, but the variance can differ. In addition to obtaining payment for each ad clicked, the publisher receives additional payments when the click results in a conversion or sale for the advertiser. Banners, skyscrapers, rectangles, and other ad formats are all provided by Bidvertiser. Publishers can also customize the format of these units using the supplied point-and-click tool to fit the look of their website.

Publishers often receive the best possible revenue from each ad unit thanks to their bidding scheme. Publishers can easily monitor their ad results, views, click-through rate, and overall earnings using the reporting interface.


Magnite is a trustworthy site, and it’s known for being a curated programmatic advertisement marketplace with a global demand of over 1 billion regular video ad requests. The Rubicon video ad network has a reputation and recognition that few other ad networks can equal. Unlike some other solutions, this one appeals to a diverse range of users, including both smartphone and desktop users.

On this network, you’ll find a range of video formats. It also contains real-time data, making it a good way to keep track of how campaigns are doing at any given time. The platform also makes use of cutting-edge video ad technologies, including artificial intelligence, to increase the distribution of rich media. Publishers who use Magnite are said to make more money than those who use other ad networks, but we don’t have any evidence to back up this argument.

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