Do you want to improve your revenue by capturing the attention of your audience? We have a solution for you.

Revenuehits is a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) advertising network that allows you to make more money from your website visits. Advertisers and networks are billed by these platforms, so you don’t have to worry about your advertisements. As a result, you’ll be able to concentrate on the administration and growth of your blog.

This platform is free and you can join whenever you want. In addition, Revenuehits automatically adjusts ads according to your website traffic so they are of interest to your consumers.

Even though Revenuehits dynamically modifies advertisements based on your website traffic, it contains a lot of banner ads and pop-ups, making users’ experience a chore. But, many platforms may please you if this one is not what you are looking for in your blog/website.

So, that’s why we provide you with the best alternative to this ad platform to avoid unnecessary content. As Revenuehits, they are also free and are adjusted to your needs thanks to its algorithm.



1. MediaFem

MediaFem is a piece of software that connects content websites with advertisers via a programmatic platform (such as Google Ad Manager) in exchange for a percentage of the software’s on-site income.

MediaFem supports all video, display, mobile, and native formats. You have a variety of placement choices to select from, all of which can be adjusted to meet your website’s style and appearance. To take advantage of real-time bidding, MediaFem offers a variety of header bidding choices.

Also, MediaFem pays publishers at the end of the month if they have a balance of at least $100. If this happens, the client will have to wait another 53 days for payment.

For more information about MediaFem, you can watch the following video:


2. BidVertiser

BidVertiser is an ad network that offers new bloggers creative revenue techniques. This platform not only offers typical CPC and CPM models, but it also pays you when a visitor completes a task on the advertiser’s website.

Thanks to this platform, you will receive a complete perspective of every amount of traffic you get, so you can optimize accordingly. Your success is ensured with automatic optimization, bid-override, and postbacks. Bloggers of all types can sign up for this platform, receive a free banner space to display the ad network on their site and pick whatever material they want to exhibit with their adverts.


3. AppLift

AppLift is a programmatic platform that helps advertisers build up their apps and grow and keep quality users. Apps may use this solution to access all of the important global mobile ad inventory and manage their campaigns through a single platform that provides modern data consolidation, enhanced targeting, and audience management. 

Also, AppLift enables you to run large-scale campaigns from anywhere. This gives you more flexibility in terms of boosting yield thanks to its large publisher base. It provides straightforward and easy-to-use solutions for managing all of an advertiser’s essential requirements.



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