More and more small and medium-sized businesses are pointing away from Google AdSense to generate profits with their websites, not only in places like India or Pakistan but also within the United States. Below we will present three alternatives to Google AdSense to make up to 15 dollars an hour. Most of these content monetization companies have more than a decade in this business, so they can guarantee results in shared profits, with most of the assets going to the owners of the websites.

The main problems and complaints with Google AdSense is that it does not allow certain sites and the time you have to wait until you see results, as well as the ads on your pages, can take several months.

All the companies that we will name below present all kinds of ads within a few hours of having contracted the service, these can be several from Native Advertising to audio ads or any other marketing strategy.

Top 3 Alternatives To Google AdSense


MediaFem is one of the oldest companies in this industry, with over 13 years in the market and more than 450 clients. A  lot of publishers use their ad codes to motivate visitors to read more material on the same page or to increase revenue from referral traffic. They’re dedicated to developing cutting-edge ad solutions that leverage audio’s powerful potential as an interactive tool while also providing a meaningful, customized experience for users.

The MediaFem ad platform allows publishers to better monetize their inventory while also offering customers a one-stop shop for large-scale ads programmatic buying. Publishers can also find one of the most generous platforms in the presentation of shared profits, 70% of the total assets go to the original publisher, while the other 30% remains as payment for the platform.


Ezoic is an important platform that works hand in hand with Google, even defines itself as a company certified by the search engine that puts special importance in programming automated movements to improve the experience of visitors to the web, as well as try to generate the greatest amount of profits for the publisher. 

The difference with MediaFem is that Ezoic has three different collection plans, so it doesn’t get paid in the profit sharing system.

Air Push

Airpush is a monetization platform for small publishers looking to increase revenue from their products. In addition to regular and traditional display ad units, Airpush monetizes by native ads and video ads, specialized overlays, rich media, and push alerts that appear in mobile device notification slide-down trays.

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