Have you considered employing a Google Adsense alternative to market your Pets website or blog? We provide the ideal choice to assist you in boosting your project!

A pet blog doesn’t have to be something that people create intentionally; it can happen organically and gradually by accident over time, too.

Also has many possible functions—it can be both a work of art and an act of love. It might be a forum where people share their stories about their animals and their experiences with them.

It could also be a place where people who want pets try to find homes for rescued animals or get advice on how to care for them.

The possibilities are endless, and that is why many think that monetizing it is not a priority, or that it might discourage new people from visiting it.

However, using ads is a safe and intuitive way to add monetizable content to your blog and in turn generate revenue; since it does not interrupt the navigation of your visitors and in turn presents associated and quality content related to their interests.

Google Adsense may be a well-known ad platform for multiple advertising solutions (Blogs and websites, mobile, etc). But, isn’t the only option for publishers looking to monetize their traffic.

There are several ad networks that offer more efficient services and great payouts for quality traffic.

Publishers and bloggers need a reliable partner that understands their needs and is committed to delivering top performance tailored to their specific needs.

If you are a blogger or thinking of becoming one, it is important that you know what your options are when it comes to ad networks so that you can maximize your monetization potential.

1. MediaFem

MediaFem is a full-featured online advertising platform. Combining cutting-edge technology and 12 years of industry experience, in order to provide you with a powerful and easy-to-use system to help your site grow and succeed.

By offering relevant content and adopting the most efficient methods than other ad networks, you can generate striking ads that will boost your traffic.

For displaying ads with MediaFem, publishers receive 70% of the revenue recognized by MediaFem in connection with the service.  Also support standard methods of payment to pay out publishers as Paypal.

For additional information, go to FAQMediaFem.com


With MGID’s self-service option and a range of ad layouts, you can increase ad impressions while concentrating on your company’s demands and marketing objectives.

This advertising platform also allows you to effortlessly and quickly enhance the reach of your company’s ad publication thanks to real-time analytics.

3. Propellers Ads

Propeller Ads is a UK-based display ad network that works with both publishers and marketers across the globe. Here, promoters can run campaigns through their self-serve platform or via assistance from the Propeller Ads team. To start you need to create an account and submit your website for review. Once your application is approved, you can place ads on top-performing websites to generate income.

Propeller Ads offers push notifications and native ads as well as pop-unders and interstitials on desktop devices. They also have mobile banner inventory, but it’s only available as a part of their self-serve platform.

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