Advertising is presented as one of the most common ways to get a blog and other web portals to earn an income. Thanks to the Internet, ads have jumped from physical media to virtual. The paper publishing industry has seen its funding reduced from this source, while online sites became the preferred choice of advertisers, either because prices are cheaper, because of the ability to measure results or because of factors related to the effectiveness of the message.

The Network has also allowed many people to access the advertising industry, which was previously reserved for paper, signage, television or radio publications. Now anyone who starts a web project or opens a blog can enter ads, regardless of the influx of visitors. It is not necessary to do the commercial work of talking and convincing an advertiser. There are networks that offer an automatic service to those who wish to advertise on their website.

The best-known service to place advertising on web pages is Google AdSense, which has popularized this way of making web pages profitable. But there are alternatives to the giant that moves everything on the Internet.


The content management system (CMS) WordPress launched at the end of 2011 its own advertising platform, to rival AdSense. After years in which its users looked to Google to place ads on their web pages, the company decided to create WordAds, a program to attract advertisers and web administrators, in order to capture part of the income generated by this activity.

Its implementation goes little by little and is still somewhat green in languages other than English. To use this platform it is necessary to have a WordPress CMS and request it from the company. This confirms the user’s introduction in the program and from there begin to appear ads automatically on their website.

There are different types of ads, whose content you try to adjust to that of each page. There are WordPress templates that do not support certain types of banners, so sometimes it is possible that the design of a blog suffers when placing advertising.


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The best alternative for us 🙂

It also has a network of advertisers and web pages whose interests make it converge. A user can register with MediaFem by filling out their personal data and then the company’s servers will send a code to their email, which they must post on their website.

MediaFem is based on impressions, rather than clicks (like Google AdSense), so the more times an ad appears, the more money is generated. Payments are made through PayPal every month.

The minimum amount to get paid is $50. Unlike other services, such as WordAds or AdSense, where the established limit figure is 2 times higher. If the amount of 50 dollars is not reached, it is delayed until within 30 days.

Learn more here about MediaFem.


Created in 2006, this online advertising network has offices in Spain, specifically in Barcelona, and is another option for placing ads on a website. According to its official data in 2012 ExoClick was the protagonist of more than 2,000 million impressions per day on average.

It is necessary to register and place a code on the website. From there, the ExoClick algorithm is responsible for displaying the most appropriate ads to the site, as do the rest of the services. This provider has multiple formats of banners, including advertising as video or cards that simulate an instant message. It also has a system that offers to advertise adapted to mobile devices.

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Popads · June 12, 2020 at 4:56 am

Are they providing instant approval? I don’t get adsense approval, I will use these platform.

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