If you have a website and want to market it, you should check out these advertising platforms.

Many businesses, bloggers, and content providers, on the one hand, rely on online advertising to grow their user base organically. Finding an effective ad network that generates greater results at a reasonable cost, on the other hand, is tough.

You will notice an increase in traffic from all directions if you use ad networks to advertise your products to the general public. They’re also available as smartphone apps and on the web.

Furthermore, advertising allows you to share your content with people both inside and outside your network, as well as analyze which ad material helps you accomplish your corporate goals and which does not.

However, as previously stated, finding the appropriate advertising platform can be difficult due to the fact that not all of them work in the same way. As a result, we’ve put together a list of some of the best ad platforms for generating cash from your online business:

1- MediaFem

MediaFem connects publishers with global and local brands. It will allow you to monetize and market your website or blog. Its ad types, optimization, and intelligence reports are well-known. You can choose between video, display, native, desktop, and mobile phone options, depending on your preferences.

On mobile apps, MediaFem allows you to display up to five commercials per page and three advertisements per screen. The money they make earns the website a commission.

Also, please remember that MediaFem only pays publishers if they have a balance of at least $100 at the end of the month. The client will have to wait another 53 days for payment if this happens.

2- Media.net

Media.net is a pioneer in the field of contextual advertising. Bing and Yahoo operate the service, which is widely regarded as the go-to AdSense option for publishers and marketers. This platform provides a variety of display and native advertisements for desktop and mobile, and you may expect to earn around the same amount from these ads as you would from any other platform.

Your blog must have high-quality material and a clean, professional appearance in order to be accepted. It is equally important to consider your traffic source: Media.net demands that the vast majority of your visitors come from the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada.

3- Adversal

Adversal is a self-service ad network that allows you to quickly add adverts to your website. Its simple UI makes it simple to start, halt, and pause campaigns. Your website must have a domain name, at least 50,000 monthly visits, and not be password-protected in order to be eligible for Adversal advertisements.

CPM payment rates are determined in real-time and are based on the source of your visitors, the type of content, and the bounce rate on your site. It is also determined by how much money an advertiser is prepared to spend for your niche.

If you achieve the $20 minimum payment level, you will be paid NET35. This implies that if your account meets the minimum payment amount in August, you’ll have to wait 35 days beginning September 1st before receiving your payout, which will be on October 5th. Every month, all outstanding bills are carried over until you achieve the minimum payment amount paid by PayPal, Bank Wire, or cheque.

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