Read this article. We’ll help you with your online business. Learn all about monetizing your own website.

Sri Lanka is lagging behind in terms of high-speed internet connection deployment. The Internet is accessible to approximately 35% of the population. Around 9% of people have an Internet connection that is at least as fast as the old RDSI (more than 256 kBit/s). Despite these facts, monetizing a website or app is always a good option! High or low levels of flow are not a stop to these top ways of generating income in a passive and effective manner.

Well, as you have already read, generating money through internet sites is the most popular way of reaching accountancy nowadays. You do it, helped by a manager advertisement company, charged with selecting by AI the perfect advertisements that will go on your site. These advertisements will be the objects that catch people’s attention, and through every interaction with them, whether it be clicks or scrolling, you will earn money. Yes, as simple as you read, you can generate income through your viewers’ interaction with the ads on your page.

Another aspect that is not as important is that these selected advertisements and interactions will produce an increasing leveling of your stats and your flow will grow too. So, this is a really good chance to improve the whole site. You won’t believe what a number of publications are able to do with your accountancy and stats. You just need to be brave and let your page be managed by a platform specialized in that.

There are millions of companies all over the internet, and each one operates in its own way and presents specific rules. You shouldn’t stop searching until you find the one that best fits your character and what you expect to achieve. A good or bad choice at this moment is able to determine the future of your site, so remember to think really well.

So, if you would really like to try out these advertisement platforms, we can help you choose one good company to operate on your site. We know that finding the best one among hundreds of possibilities is not an easy task. That’s why we have created this short but effective top 3 list of the best companies that we have found. It is not a simple selection; competitors have been compared and carefully chosen.

Read below, and think about your site’s particularities and your expectations. Choose a company and begin your climb to the stars.


The best ad network is MediaFem. It’s a well-run, personable, and knowledgeable business. It works by using an algorithm to understand the content of a website or blog in order to provide a relevant ad that researchers may be interested in. Following the initial view, you enter the advertising source’s ad information, and you are paid each time someone clicks or scrolls on it. You do not need a starting wage to start earning. You are highly regarded on the internet. The corporation’s earnings-to-pay ratio is 70-30. You are represented by 70 people, while the firm is represented by 30.

This platform, unlike other advertising companies, focuses on providing high-quality content to bloggers. It responds quickly to advertising requests, ensuring that every detail is communicated in the simplest way possible. MediaFem grew into the company that it is today by providing high-quality information and employing more sophisticated methods than other ad networks.


They’re an important component of media companies’ software stacks since they successfully compete with walled gardens in terms of its market acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Their world-class ad platform connects large and small businesses with consumers on the entire web through engaging ad styles that encourage them to act.


Taboola has developed to become the world’s greatest content discovery platform, with a considerable increase in users and revenue. Taboola currently employs over 1.700 people and is always creating new technologies to assist customers in finding what they are looking for, no matter where they are.