Are you trying to find a way to make money from your Ukrainian website or blog? We can show you which ad networks are the most beneficial.

Ukraine has a well-developed Internet infrastructure that is in constant growth. This country was ranked 9th in the “Top 10 Internet nations in Europe” in 2011, with 33.9 percent Internet penetration and 15.3 million users; this jumped to 36.8% in 2012. In July 2018, meanwhile, 25,883,509 persons (58.89 percent of the country’s population) were online.

As of September 2020, Ukraine was rated 59th in the world in terms of fixed broadband Internet access speed.

Nowadays, Ukraine has a population of 44 million which 29 million of them have access to the internet. Between 2020 and 2021, the number of Ukrainian internet users increased by 2.0 million (+7.3%). Moreover, In January 2021, the internet penetration rate in Ukraine was 67.6 percent.

Due to this amazing growth, many Ukrainian decided to invest in their own online business. So, if you want to get more traffic on your website or blog to earn some money, you should know that using Ad networks is the best option to promote your brand. 

Ad networks link publishers and advertisers by providing a platform for campaigns on websites such As Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Additionally, because of its outstanding results and rapid organic growth, it is considered one of the most effective platforms.

Ad networks accept a variety of formats, including banners, native advertisements, and videos. It can be used on both mobile phones and desktop computers.

As a result, for best engagement and results, we recommend using one of these three ad networks designed specifically for Ukrainian publishers.


MediaFem connects publishers with global and local brands. It will allow you to monetize and market your website or blog. Its ad types, optimization, and intelligence reports are well-known. You can choose between video, display, native, desktop, and mobile phone options, depending on your preferences.

On mobile apps, MediaFem allows you to display up to five commercials per page and three advertisements per screen. On site earnings produced by them, the website charges a commission. Also, keep in mind that MediaFem only pays publishers with a balance of at least $100 at the end of the month. If this occurs, the client will have to wait for payment for another 53 days. is a technology business with over 1250 workers dedicated to providing cutting-edge monetization solutions for digital publishers and advertisers.’s extensive product portfolio is built on a solid foundation of best-in-class contextual targeting and an unrivaled ability to unite diverse marketplaces, allowing publishers and marketers to optimize competition and value.

This website gives professional guidance, comprehensive access to the best monetization opportunities, and outstanding execution to our publisher clients via highly customized solutions across all ad formats – programmatic, search native, content, video, mobile, local, and social advertisements.

To properly target internet users,‘s products integrate unique machine learning technology, advanced data processing, and detailed analytics capabilities.


BidVertiser is an ad network that offers new bloggers creative revenue techniques. This platform not only offers typical CPC and CPM models, but it also pays you when a visitor completes a task on the advertiser’s website.

Aside from that, it has a wide range of ad formats to choose from. This can be seen in ad banners, rectangles, and skyscrapers. You can change your ad configuration using the point-and-click interface. The nicest part is that you may adjust the ad layouts to match your website’s appearance. The advertisements will not appear forced or intrusive to the visitor as a result of this.


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