In the past, media consisted of static print. Today, it is dynamic and engaging, offering you thousands of opportunities to monetize your blog or website.

As technology improves, more and more ways of making money online are created. If you are a Finnish website owner and looking for different ways to make money off your blog, it may be a good idea to try out an ad network. In this article, we’ll explore why Finnish bloggers love ad networks, the best networks to use, and also help you get started making money with them right away.

Online advertising networks help publishers monetize their websites. Ad Networks consolidate advertisers’ inventories and provide targeted advertisements. This leads to higher conversion rates, click-throughs, and average CPCs. Advertisers benefit from a wide spreading of ads and lower costs per click. There is no reason why every publisher would not use an ad network to profit from their website or blog.

In Finland alone, one million people are blogging and writing content online. And you have probably read your fair share of these blogs as well.

With more than 60 million monthly users, 20+ million revenue, and more than 5 billion euros revenue (2013), AdWords is the undisputed leader in online advertising. But it might not be the right solution for every publisher, especially those who would like to monetize their worldwide traffic. Here are 3 alternatives to AdWords that you could use if you’re a Finnish publisher.


MediaFem is a 12-year-old ad network that connects content websites with advertisers using programmatic platforms (like Google Ad Manager) and collects a fee based on the software’s on-site income. It has devised a coding system that ensures that all advertisements are seen to individuals who are interested in the subject.

You have a range of placement options with MediaFem, all of which may be modified to meet your website’s design and appearance. All video, display, mobile, and native formats are supported, as well as a number of header bidding options for real-time bidding.

Keep in mind that MediaFem will only pay publishers if their account balance is at least $100 at the end of the month. The client will have to wait another 53 days for payment if this happens.

Airnow Media

Airnow Media offers advertisers and publishers the most advanced targeting and optimization technology in the market, resulting in unequaled monetization solutions.

Engage people in a way that is both intriguing and relevant. You may monetize users both within and outside of the app by using innovative ad formats, or you can reach a larger audience with your advertising than ever before.

This platform generates billions of impressions for its partners thanks to a variety of unique and engaging ad styles. Using the most advanced targeting and optimization technologies available, you can maximize the potential of your mobile advertising.


MGID was one of the earliest native performance ad platforms in the globe. Thousands of publishers have access to billions of news articles, and marketers have marketing alternatives that target customer interests without interfering with their online experience.

MGID’s results-driven strategy ensures that visitors to its customers’ websites are relevant, engaged, and really interested, resulting in increased traffic and revenue while maintaining the quality and relevance that online consumers expect.

Since 2008, MGID has provided great content distribution to lifestyle and entertainment publishers all around the world.

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