It is likely that a small company does not have the same chances as the rest when it comes to making money from the hand of AdSense, however there is a possibility to generate up to 15 dollars per hour in making use of this tool but through another channel.

Google AdSense inaugurated a new type of ad that allows to flood the screen, a Full-Screen Ad, and generate more arrivals and clicks, which could generate more revenue for the pages, the main problem of doing business with Google directly is that not all web pages are eligible to be part of the pantheon of assets, that’s why it’s necessary to hire a content attach site like MediaFem.

Consider placing adverts on your website to increase your revenue. This necessitates the usage of an ad network, which is a service that connects internet advertisers with bloggers and website owners.

To show advertisements on specific website pages, most advertising systems use an automated network. You will earn a share of the money if a visitor interacts with these advertisements (by looking at them, clicking on them, or making a purchase), with the remainder going to the network.

You probably arrived at MediaFem when searching for a good ad network.

MediaFem is one of the oldest companies in this industry, with over 13 years in the market and more than 450 clients. A lot of publishers use their ad codes to motivate visitors to read more material on the same page or to increase revenue from referral traffic. They’re dedicated to developing cutting-edge ad solutions that leverage audio’s powerful potential as an interactive tool while also providing a meaningful, customized experience for users.

The main benefit of this platform is that it allows your page to start having ads within a few hours of having hired them. This added to the fact that their mutual profit system makes them earn money if your company makes money.

The MediaFem ad platform allows publishers to better monetize their inventory while also offering customers a one-stop shop for large-scale ads programmatic buying. Publishers can also find one of the most generous platforms in the presentation of shared profits, 70% of the total assets go to the original publisher, while the other 30% remains as payment for the platform.

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