It’s never a bad idea to be aware of your options for making money on your own. Whether you’re just getting started with a blog or a website, you can always take the profit out of it.


Making money while having a drink at the beach doesn’t sound bad, right?




As this country is full of possibilities, you may want to write about job opportunities or a van-style way of living while traveling. 


Furthermore, setting a blog is not complicated at all. You can easily do it with WordPress. The interesting side of it is monetizing your content. 



Place Ads


An advertising technology (AdTech) platform that manages the supply and delivery of ad inventories is known as a supply-side platform (SSP). By conducting automated bidding, SSPs assist digital media owners and publishers in automating the selling of digital ads.


Moreover, SSPs are used to improve the yield optimization of advertising space inventory on websites and mobile apps in order to eliminate wasted space and increase views. SSPs, in a nutshell, allow publishers to sell their inventory to the most profitable ad network.


Publishers can monetize their websites by employing supply-side platforms to create and sell ad inventory to marketers on an impression-by-impression (or visitor-by-visitor) basis (SSPs).




It’s a full-featured SSP platform located in the United Kingdom with over 12 years of ad monetization experience.



Several publishers buy ad codes to encourage customers to read more articles on the same page or to increase revenue from referral traffic.


Publishers may access tools, intelligence reports, and customization choices through the network, which is powered by a strong prediction engine.




MediaFem has developed a set of codes for “customized marketing,” which ensures that all adverts are seen by people who are really interested in the services being marketed.


Publishers have a variety of formats to select from for their solutions, which may be utilized in websites, blogs, and apps. Video, mobile, web, and native advertising are all available with MediaFem.

Take this into consideration:


  • Content in the workplace must be secure.
  • Extreme acts of violence, as well as hate speech, must be avoided.
  • It is essential to generate unique material.
  • The use of illegal drugs or substances cannot be encouraged through the website or app.
  • The purchase of illegal narcotics, guns, or other illegal things is prohibited on the site and app.
  • The usage of images in the content cannot be limited to them.
  • Written content must demonstrate enough effort to pique a reader’s interest.
  • Content must have a long history on the websites or apps. They must also show that users are involved.
  • Slideshows and lists are insufficient for advertisements.
  • The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act must be followed by the website or app (COPPA).
  • There must be no file-sharing or pirated content on the website or app.
  • Malware can’t be spread through a website or app.
  • Automatic downloads are not permitted on the website or in the app.
  • All of the review checks must be passed by the site or app.


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