If you are searching for the best ad platforms in the United States, read this article. We’ll give you a lot of information.

The United States ranked third in the world with 312.32 million internet users in 2019 (after China and India). 90 percent of Americans use the internet on a daily or frequent basis in 2019. There are 298.8 million internet users in the United States of America now. Between January 2020 and January 2021, there was a 3.7 percent increase in new users, totaling 11 million new users. These people browse the Internet for an average of 7 hours and 11 minutes every day on any device, but 90.2 percent prefer to do it on their smartphone.

So, if you are interested in approaching this increasing and positive context, the best option is to use programmatic advertising platforms. These are algorithm-based methods of buying ad space in order to acquire the most precise ad placement in the shortest amount of time at the cheapest price. Ad exchanges are where programmatic ads are sold.

Advertisers enter automated bids to buy programmatic ad space in real-time based on advanced analytics that help determine where to place the ad and get the most impressions for the best bid. Publishers offer ad space to be bought programmatically, and advertisers enter automated bids to buy programmatic ad space in real-time based on advanced analytics. It’s all done in a matter of seconds on one of the numerous ad exchanges available.

The internet is full of companies that offer, in essence, the same service. But each platform has its own requirements and benefits. You must find a platform that better fits your site, and we know this is not an easy task. That’s why we have selected the three best advertising networks for you.

Just read, get informed, and choose the best for you.


On the internet, MediaFem is a well-known organization that is polite, experienced, and responsible. The firm has a profit-to-payout ratio of 70-30. They split revenue with the publishers 70% and the authors 30%.

It works by analyzing the content of a website or blog with an algorithm in order to offer a related ad that researchers would find interesting. You copy and paste the ad code provided by the advertising provider, and you are paid each time someone clicks or scrolls on it.

Unlike other ad networks, this software prides itself on supplying higher-quality content to bloggers. It responds quickly to advertising needs, ensuring that each impression is as pleasant as possible.

MediaFem has grown into the company it is now by providing good information and using more successful strategies than other ad networks.

Visit the MediaFem FAQ for more details.


Outbrain is another well-known source of branded material. With its unique features, high-quality publishing company network, continual enhancements, and exceptional customer service, it stands apart from the competition. By using programmatic native ad demand, the ad network connects publishers with huge DSPs.

Your website must get at least 10 million monthly visitors to be considered for Outbrain. CPC and CPM pricing techniques are both available with a $0 minimum payment. Outbrain delivers native advertising in addition to display and video advertisements in feeds and articles.


Media.net is a digital monetization company that specializes in helping digital publishers.

Publishers can monetise their inventory via a variety of services, including search, display, native, video, and mobile advertising.