Do you feel like starting your own film blog? If you are passionate about cinema, surely you enjoy sharing your passion with others. I don’t know about you, but I love to talk about cinema with others as a cinephile, and why would I lie to them? Argue inveterate. The more discussion there is, the better, I love it. But I know that not everyone enjoys fighting as I do. Whatever the case, we all like to be able to exchange with others. Therefore, it is not uncommon for us to seek to generate our own spaces to do so. However, many times the most well-known film blogs are in English and, if you are a Spanish speaker, you may feel that you cannot start a blog in your mother tongue. However, below we will show you The 13 Best Film Blogs In Spanish To Inspire You when creating your own blog.

Action cinema, comedy, drama, terror, adventures, science fiction, animation… The most well-known and not so well-known films.
Blogs and magazines with an innovative air, great media coverage, and of great quality. In this ranking, you will not find the movies to download but you will find blogs/websites/digital magazines that will make you save them in your favorites, or what is better, they will make you save this Ranking in your favorites and distribute it on your social networks. I hope you are inspired to make your own blog in Spanish and lose the fear of the myth that if it is not in English you cannot be a blogger. So… here we go!

1. El antepenúltimo Mohicano

Independent news magazine and cinematographic analysis. Excellent design and great content. High-quality photos and perfectly integrated advertising. It is definitely number one

2. Cinéfagos

Reviews with reviews of movie releases, a highly recommended Podcast and a Hollywood Newsletter stand out from the rest. They have a section with “Cinema from a more thoughtful and analytical point of view” and another called Blurs where they deal with current cinema in lighter and more entertaining doses. Great design with photographs that excite.

3. Cinemanía

The best-known film magazine on a website with a lot of style and good content. They include premiere films and those that are yet to come. Reviews, news, billboards, trailers, contests and the possibility of subscribing to the magazine in paper or digital format. They have several blogs on the web, written by Joaquin Reyes or Berto Romero, among others.

4. Las horas perdidas

GQ magazine’s film blog sneaks into our list. Very clean design with very accomplished content. It is mandatory to highlight the number of comments that each article has, exceeding 50 in many cases. They certainly have a very wide fan base.

5. Filmin

Filmin is an award-winning online film and series platform that has been operating in Spain since 2008, being the first company to offer a flat-rate service. On their blog they present us with the premieres of their catalog as well as a lot of content dedicated to all kinds of films.

6. Vaya Cine

Although the frequency of publication of its news and curiosities about the cinema has dropped a lot compared to 2015, Vaya cine has a very attractive design and valuable content. Let’s hope they repost with the old beat.

7. Cinetelia

All about movies, festivals, and the Oscars. They collect information from all corners of the Internet and capture it on their website in a fun and entertaining way. Articles almost daily.

8. Blog de Cine

Within the great list of WeblogsSL, among which are consecrated blogs such as Xataka or Genbeta, we have Blog de Cine. Reviews, premieres, posters, trailers… and endless topics with daily updates. No wonder they are so well placed in Google rankings.

9. Cine en serio

Reviews, premieres, and a wide variety of festivals are there as a letter of introduction. In their interesting podcast, they tell us about the latest news about cinema.

10. Fotogramas

Fotogramas is another of the country’s great film magazines. Content that is very pleasing to the eye and with specific blogs on cinema that go into more detail in each of the genres.

11. Cine Crítico

Cine Crítico presents us with direct reviews of current films and in the Filming section, they advance us in great detail what we will see in a few months on the big screen.

12. YouRocket

YouRocket (formerly called Pantalla Total) focuses on news and movie premieres in Mexico and Latin America. Clear design with short and concise content.

13. Cinema3

They are defined as: «Cinema, reviews, movies, premieres, billboard, news, premieres – A fan blog for fans«. Very complete and interesting articles are updated daily.

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