Are you sick and tired of creating content for your blog or website, investing time and money and not getting the results you are hoping to see? Well, we are here to guide you through the process of monetizing your site step by step, and with some advice included, of course.

It’s never been easier to start and monetize a blog than it is now. Not long ago, setting up and maintaining a website would have cost you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. It was just as tough to monetize a website. 

Today, however, a blog can be started, maintained, and monetized for as little as a few hundred dollars. However, just because it’s simpler to generate money with a blog these days doesn’t mean most bloggers know how to do it.

Follow these steps and you’ll start making money out of your hard work. 

1. Create A Marketing Plan

To get started, you need a solid marketing plan. “What is that?”, you may be asking yourself. 

A marketing plan is an operational document that details an organization’s advertising strategy for generating leads and reaching its target market.

Your marketing plan should include:

  • A profitable niche

It’s critical to choose and stick to a distinct specialty for your blog. This will help you find a target audience for your blog, which will help it expand. This will also encourage you to study as much as possible about your niche’s competitors, as you’ll be able to see what they’ve learnt, what they’re avoiding, and how you may use the information for your own development.

  • Content

It’s highly important you create high-quality content for your readers. This means whatever content you are creating should be tailored to your public’s needs and likes. It’s key that you do some market research, read and learn about how to give them what they are looking for.

  • A monetization strategy

It’s time now to think on what monetization strategy you are going to follow. There are many options to choose from, so you need to make sure you are going for the one that best fits your needs. From creating an affiliate program to creating sponsored posts or reviews, the options are endless.

2. Put Your Plan Into Action

Now you have everything in your mind and on paper, and you know what to do, the next step, naturally, is to go for it. 

Once your niche is decided and you are on the right track creating high-quality content, the most important part, and maybe the one that inspires some fear in publishers, is to start monetizing.

As we have said, there are many options out there. So this is where we come and rescue you from the sea of eternal possibilities. Our advice is you go for ads. And we know you may be thinking “mmm, no, that’s too complicated” or “only big companies can afford to do that”, or even “my readers won’t like it”. Let us explain why you are overthinking this.

There are many advertising networks out there that are specifically designed to make this process easy and at no big cost. And what is best, you can choose to go for native ads, for example, and your public will not notice there are even ads on your site. 

The best ad platform we can recommend is MediaFem.

Why MediaFem?

This is a full-service SSP network situated in the United Kingdom with over 13 years of ad monetization experience. Many publishers all over the world utilize ad codes to allow visitors to read more content on the same website or to earn revenue from referral traffic.

On the app, which is powered by contemporary predictive technology, publishers can employ A/B monitoring, intelligence reporting, and personalisation capabilities. MediaFem supports a variety of formats, including video, monitor, device, and native, and they give you total freedom when it comes to design.

MediaFem has no additional charges when paying in Net53 terms and uses a 70% revenue share model for publishers. These values are stable independent of the geographic location of a publication, and they are not averaged across all publishers. 

You can join MediaFem by clicking here, and following these simple steps:

  1. Click the “Sign up” button at
  2. Fill up the form with your name, website URL or Download URL (for mobile apps only), email address, and password. Remember to click the box at the bottom if you agree to their terms and privacy policies.
  3. After registering for an account and being approved by the platform, you will be able to access your dashboard. Select the option you like best from the drop-down menu under ‘Ad units.’
  4. You save your modifications after checking the required information, and that’s all there is to it! Your website will start showing ads, and you will get paid for each contact with it.