Do you want to make money from your website or blog? We’ve listed three ad network options for you to consider.

These networks assist you in monetizing your traffic. Furthermore, thanks to their simple ad distribution, your site will be able to reach a wider audience on the Internet without the need to create them yourself. 

This frees up time for you to focus on the maintenance of your site while also ensuring that your advertising is distributed properly and securely.

Moreover, many ad networks offer customization options so you may tailor them to your website or blog.

Since ad networks accept banners, native ads, videos, and other types of advertising, we recommend these monetization platforms to suit your needs:


Mediafem is a global advertising network. It allows you to earn money by displaying adverts on your pages and/or website or encouraging your users to click on banner links.

Furthermore, MediaFemis a publisher-to-publisher ad network that allows you to monetize and market your blog or website. Its ad forms, personalized content, optimization, and intelligence reports are well-known. It also has a diverse selection of advertisements, including video, display, native, desktop, and mobile phone advertisements.

In addition, MediaFem allows you to show up to five adverts per page and three advertisements per screen on mobile apps. Ad codes are used by many publishers to bring visitors from all over the world to their websites.

2- AdRoll

AdRoll was formed in 2007 on the premise that you can promote effectively online even if you don’t have unlimited resources or funding. Since then, we’ve made it simple to take on established companies and expand your online business.

AdRoll is an e-commerce marketing platform that gives growing D2C brands the power to connect with customers wherever they are. Its machine learning engine uses established data on 70% of the world’s online shoppers to predict behavior, ad engagement, and store performance better than anyone.

3- ExoClick

ExoClick is a Barcelona-based online advertising company that provides advertisers and publishers all over the world with web, mobile, tablet, and smart TV advertising services. ExoClick’s clientele includes advertisers, advertising agencies, traffic distribution partners, and publishers.

Because it buys a lot of Indonesian traffic, Exoclick is one of the greatest recommendations. The most prevalent formats they offer include pop-unders, interstitials, and various ad types, as well as banner advertising. Their banner advertising, on the other hand, would not generate high CPMs for you.

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