For the last years and as a result of the pandemic too, the digital retail business exploded.


Most traders have to develop or improve their online stores in order to be present and easily achievable. This means lots of time and effort were spent to survive online.


Fortunately, there are lots of websites to make this process easier. One of them is Shopify, an online e-commerce platform that provides a number of services to online businesses, including payment processing, marketing, shipping, and customer engagement tools.


Because of its user-friendly interface, you can create your webshop through multiple responsive templates. 



If you already have a Shopify web, don’t miss the chance to monetize it even more by setting advertising on it. To do this, is the best choice. 


This platform merges with AdSense and delivers advertising in a few hours, with a shared revenue mechanism that benefits both the writer and MediaFem


How is the Method of MediaFem?


There are no upfront fees when paying in Net53 terms because MediaFem uses a 70% Revenue Share policy for Publishers. These percentages are kept separate from a publisher’s geographic region and are not averaged across all publishers in any way.


With these solutions, publishers can select between header bidding and the traditional One Ad Code strategy. MediaFem supports all video, display, mobile, and native formats.


Choose from a variety of placement options that can be adapted to your site’s layout and design. To optimize the impact of real-time bidding, MediaFem offers advanced header bidding options.



What are the conditions for traffic?


  • The audience must come to the domain mostly through organic sources
  • The distribution of traffic by geo, gadget, browser, and operating system must fit organic patterns.
  • MediaFem’s current minimal quality standards for traffic must be satisfied.


Ad Demands


  • There can’t be more ads on a page or screen than there is content. There can’t be pop-ups, pop-unders, or redirects on the site.
  • The site cannot contain expandable ad units
  • Site or app cannot contain video ads with auto-play audio
  • Site or app cannot contain inappropriate ads
  • There is a maximum of 5 adverts per page on the site. There should be no more than three advertising per screen in mobile apps.
  • When advertising is integrated into content, it must be clearly distinguished from the content and recognized as ads. Ads cannot spread malware.
  • The refresh rate is limited to 30 seconds.
  • Cryptojacking cannot be enabled by advertisements.
  • Site or app must be compliant in accordance with the Coalition for Better Ads

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