Fanfiction, or “fanfic,” is a type of fictional story based on another work of fiction. These stories are posted on the Internet by amateur writers who are fans of existing works. There are also fanfics written about non-fictional settings and people; such as celebrities and historical figures. If you have a fanfiction blog, Monetize Your Fanfic Blog.

The length and content of these stories can vary greatly. Some fanfics are just a few paragraphs long; while others are hundreds of thousands of words long and span the length of several novels. Fanfics incorporate various existing story elements, including setting; characters; story elements; and even writing style.

One of the main reasons fanfiction remains so popular is how it unites fan communities into self-identified “fandoms.” Romance ships of particular characters that often have their own dedicated fan bases are particularly popular. Fanfiction is a way for fans of specific ships to create stories centered around their favorite pairing and share that work with others.

Some important facts about blogging that you should know before you start

To give you an idea of the effort required to generate income with a blog, I present some relevant data on motivation, profitability, publication frequency, time per post, growth, etc.

The most important thing when it comes to being successful with a blog is to have things clear and know what awaits you. If you think that to make money with a blog it is enough to do 2 or 3 sprints, you are wrong. This is a long-distance race where the best wins.

The exact skills you’ll need, beyond being able to set up a blog, vary depending on the type of revenue model you’re creating. For example, in a blog, aimed at creating a community that trusts you, a mailing list is essential. In a niche site oriented solely to income via Google AdSense, it is not so clear that you need it.

So… How Can You Monetize Your Fanfic Blog?

To produce passive revenue, employ ad platforms. This means you publish whatever you want on your blog or website, targeting a certain audience, and then monetise your work using one of these platforms.

Your website will show advertising that are tailored to your target audience, and you will be compensated for each click on these ads. This is how you can write whatever you want and earn money while not actually working.

Try MediaFem

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Publishers receive 70% of the revenue produced by MediaFem as a result of the service. It is recognized as the fastest payer and one of the most fair digital arbitrage systems in the industry in terms of payment lengths.

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