The problem with trying to monetize your blog too early is that you can immediately hit roadblocks. The biggest of all is getting discouraged and potentially losing the desire to blog, especially when you don’t see much return for your efforts.

Establishing your blog on good foundations before starting to monetize can bring its benefits:

1. You avoid building the wrong audience

If you intend to monetize your blog, you will need an audience targeted at something that is marketable and salable. That makes sense, right? You must have something to offer that matches your target audience and the product or service they want. Otherwise, you could end up creating an audience that is never willing to buy anything from you.

Worse yet, if you end up building an audience that isn’t geared to buy anything and go a long time without selling, readers may be offended when you try to sell them your product. Therefore, the most important thing before monetizing your blog is to strategically concentrate your blogging efforts around a marketable offer. And that’s something you should pay attention to from day one to save yourself the trouble later on.

2. You will be less likely to give up and fail

Achieving blog monetization is easier when you already have the trust of your audience. And earning that first dollar is the hardest. It’s easier to get discouraged and give up when you feel like you had to bend over backward to make your first deposit. All your effort will feel like a huge waste of time. Blogging becomes much more fun when you sell your products or services non-stop.

3. It helps you maintain a good exchange with your audience

To understand this, we have to delve a little into human psychology… People come programmed with a sense of fair exchange. However, when that exchange becomes unbalanced, there can be problems. For example, have you ever noticed how children are more likely to care for and value something that they paid for rather than something that was given to them? This is not just something that happens with children. It is a human tendency. People will deal with the blame for an unfair exchange by attacking the other party…and it will happen if the exchange equation is lopsided in either direction.

Now, how does this relate to your early efforts to monetize your blog? Your best audience members will be your most supportive customers. You provide them with a lot of valuable content, but they have also returned the favor by giving you something back (usually in the form of money). That two-way interaction is important not only for business but also to build that community that every blogger wants.

If you do nothing but offer free products for a long time, you will have unbalanced the exchange. The moment you’re trying to sell something, people are more likely to be unsupportive. In addition, those who search for gifts all day are the worst complainers. On the other hand, if you work hard to create awesome content for your community but don’t get any immediate exchange for it, you may resent the few people who follow you. The “secret” is no secret… Monetize your blog once you’ve built a solid audience.

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