What we’ll recommend here will help you to monetize your content with your Twitter follower base!

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with around 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users on the platform.

So, there’s a thriving market on Twitter, but no means to monetize it. If you have a large following there, you might want to build a blog, share your links on Twitter, and funnel your followers into a more profitable platform, such as a YouTube video or a blog. The twenty-five highest-paying nations on Adsense CPC pay between $0.40 and $0.17 for each click, which may add up to a significant sum of money. It’s easy to monetize a YouTube video, but how can you monetize a blog?

There are various options available, but our favorite is Mediafem.

Why Mediafem?

MediaFem has stayed current with the latest advancements in the advertising industry since its beginning more than 13 years ago. MediaFem has developed a set of short- and long-term profit targets, as well as a set of codes for so-called specialty marketing, which allows all advertising to reach those who are truly interested in what is being presented.

The publisher communicates with a network that offers frequent operational transparency and reporting. Because of their competence and durability, using their service is entirely free. Their business model is built around a 70% income split for publishers and a 30% share for them.

Publishers can select between bidding headers and the standard One Ad Code form for their solutions. Video, mobile, online, and native are just a handful of the MediaFem ad types.

You will be able to increase the traffic to your website and make money by using this platform.

Here are a few of Mediafem‘s advantages:

  • Global accessibility to a wide range of demand
  • Increased yield per impression
  • Automation at a large scale.
  • Brand safety and protection
  • Format to match your company’s needs
  • Prebid.org allows you to customize your header bidding setup.

How soon will I see MediaFem earnings and revenue?

Count on getting paid in 53 days, which is the fastest in the business.

At MediaFem, we want to make sure you understand how you’ll get paid, what payment methods we use, and how long it’ll take for your money to arrive.

We’ve included all of our payment choices below, along with some information about each of them, including any potential delays. In addition, you’ll see that we’ve included the quickest way for publishers to get paid.

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