If you want to obtain income through your own blog without using Google Adsense, then you should take note of the following tool. 

On one hand, to naturally build their userbase, many businesses, bloggers, and content creators rely on online advertising. However, on the other hand, finding an effective ad network that produces better outcomes at a fair cost is difficult.

If you decided to employ ad networks to promote your product to the audience, you will realize that you’ll get more traffic from everywhere. Also, they’re available on both websites and mobile apps. 

Furthermore, advertising increases brand awareness by sharing your content with people both inside and outside your networks, allowing you to generate better-performing content by studying which ad content helps you achieve your corporate objectives and which does not. In this regard, Google Adsense is one of the most well-known ad networks these days.



You’ve definitely heard about Adsense, a Google effort that allows website publishers in the Google Network of content sites to display text, picture, video, or interactive media advertising that is targeted to their sites’ content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

However, employing Google Adsense to monetize your business is not always the best option due to the different issues that Google’s users report commonly such as difficulties with the login or getting their site approved by the platform. 

But you don’t have to be worried about that because there is a great alternative tool that could help you to increase your blog’s revenue: MediaFem.


Why MediaFem?

MediaFem has stayed current with the latest advancements in the advertising industry since its inception more than 13 years ago. Also, it has developed a set of short- and long-term profit targets, as well as a set of codes for so-called specialty marketing, which allows all ads to reach those who are truly interested in what is being presented.



The publisher works with a network that provides regular operational transparency and reporting. Because of their competence and durability, using their service is entirely free. Their business model is built around a 70% income share for publishers and a 30% share for them.

Publishers can select between bidding headers and the standard One Ad Code form for their solutions. Video, mobile, web, and native are just a few of the MediaFem ad types.

By utilizing this platform, you will be able to increase the traffic to your website, allowing you to profit from it.

More features

Some of the benefits of MediaFem include:

  • Global access to diverse demand: Make your inventory available to tens of thousands of advertisers represented by hundreds of DSPs and trading desks. You can trust MediaFem to safeguard your brand and deliver high-quality content.


  • Greater yield from each impression: Real-time bidding (RTB) technology from MediaFem enables you to monetize your audience for a higher return on impressions. Our frictionless integrations also help you reach out to thousands of new customers.


  • Advanced automation at scale: Packaging, negotiating, and executing reserved premium buys should all be automated. MediaFem allows you to offer reserved audiences to in-demand buyers using your first-party data.


  • Brand protection and safety: Deliver world-class marketing from businesses you can trust, as validated by us. To assess the quality of any demand source we accept onto our platform, MediaFem employs a multi-pronged strategy.


  • Format to fit your business: Choose from a variety of placement options that can be tailored to your site’s layout and design. To optimize the impact of real-time bidding, MediaFem offers advanced header bidding options.


  • Customize your header bidding configuration with prebid.org: Client-side, server-side, or hybrid hosting options are all available. We’ll assist you in testing and measuring your setup in order to improve it. Desktop, mobile, and video solutions are all available.

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