What is Traffic Arbitrage?

Traffic arbitrage is a model in which you can buy traffic at a lower amount of money in order to redistribute it to your website or blog and monetize it.

The person who buys and sells traffic is called an advertiser. This person redirects the traffic by buying it on one platform and selling it on another.

For example, you bought traffic in Google Ads for $120 and sent it to another website, which generates $140 in income. The difference in revenue is the profit from the traffic arbitrage.

This is a simple example; but in practice, everything is more tricky. You must frequently experiment and always run after the main goal either to spend less money on buying traffic than the money you will generate from now on.

How to Begin Earning on Traffic Arbitrage

First of all, you must answer three crucial questions:

  • Where should I buy the traffic?
  • Where and how should I sell the traffic?
  • What is the best method to use?

Each niche has dissimilar rules and strategies. 

Where Should I Buy the Traffic?

In arbitrage, you use the traffic that someone else generates. Next step, you must determine where to buy the traffic, which traffic type to pick and how much you will pay for it. The net income will be the difference between the ad cost on one resource and the revenue paid by the other resource.

Traffic arbitrage is the simplest way to make money online, available even to beginners. It lets people want to try out this kind of thing to start earning money quite easily and without a big amount of money.

What Are the Advantages of Trying Traffic Arbitrage?
  • a possibility to make money without the need to create a website;
  • the start is possible with a small amount of money;
  • easily schemes;
  • flexible working hours;
  • These services are in-demand.

Like any other business, arbitrage needs a planned approach of insight into these procedures. In the long term, a beginner blogger can gain $200 and more per month, and the money of an experienced arbitrage specialist equals more than 4 numbers.

If the audience is intelligibly defined and traffic is paid, the publisher may find it logical to buy traffic. There are multiple ways to do it:

  • Through ad networks (low-budget option)
  • Social Media Networks (promotion and buying of articles)
  • contextual advertising for the targeted audience (Very expensive)
  • banner networks.

The major advantages of paid traffic acquisition are high speed and productivity. For the maximum of returns, it is needed to establish the target audience, the platform for placing ads, and ways of reselling traffic.

Terms and Notions in Traffic Arbitrage

One of the most crucial conditions for successful traffic arbitrage is the potential to learn and routinely improve your knowledge. To start testing traffic arbitrage and make money from it, you will need to know what are the basic terms and notions of this practical.

Arbitrage specialist:  the person that finds traffic for a specific resource and gets paid for the brought of new people.

Advertiser: Seller of services, ads for example.

Affiliate program (referral): a way of collaboration among the advertiser and the arbitrage specialist. This last one advertises and promotes things and gets money for the bringing of new people.

Offer: An offering from the advertiser. The offer will specify the requirements to the traffic brought by the specialist, define the advertising devices, and the amount of the revenue.

CPA Network: an mediator between advertisers and specialists. CPA networks count traffic, control the function of the affiliate program, carry the responsibility for financial dispositions between both parties.

Affiliate Programs: a format of business collaboration between arbitrage specialists and the advertisers, in the activity of which traffic is redirected to websites and revenue, are promised in return.

If Monetizing This Way Is Not An Option For Me, Which Are the Best Alternatives?

You can look at other alternatives. One of the best is MediaFem. Founded more than 13 years ago, MediaFem always keeps up with the latest revolutions in the digital market. The Publisher encounters a network that offers transparency and daily control of the activity. Such is the transparency and security they offer, that the use of their services is free of cost, their work model is based on Revenue Share 70% for Publishers and 30% for them.

Their solutions allow the publisher to choose from header bidding or the traditional One Ad Code option. MediaFem offers all kinds of formats like video, display, mobile, and native.

Sign up is Free, you can do it here.

For having a great experience with traffic arbitrage, you must always be testing new things. The secret of success is to continually try and manage experiments. This is true not only for succeeding on traffic arbitrage, but for keeping a high level of revenue.

The main idea of traffic arbitrage is to redirect the user from one website to another. Traffic arbitrage allows winning both tiny and big amounts of money. To manage a high level of revenues, you need to make precise calculations. Upon a suitable approach, invested effort, time, and money pay back.

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