Having a wide range of possibilities when it comes to monetizing your content is the best way to ensure a solid profit. Anyway, not everyone has the same way of paying their users and it is one of the most important issues because it is not the only one.

Some use a monthly fee method when it comes to payments. They take advantage of the fact that an alternative to AdSense is being sought and can have stratospheric prices despite not having clicks. This is why it is better to get a shared revenue Ad Network.

While not all share this style of MediaFem. It is the best way to get not only profits but Ad styles that call your reader to click on them. Because you think of Ads and you think of annoying pop-ups or waiting 30 seconds for it to happen. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Whether with Native Ads or other monetized content, MediaFem allows you to make use of this tool so that the ads are related to your product. This leads to if one of your readers sees that related to your writings, they want to click on it.

How Does MediaFem Works?

Because MediaFem uses a 70 percent Rev. Share model for Publishers, there are no upfront fees when paying in Net53 terms. These percentages are maintained independent of the geographic location of a publisher and are not averaged among publishers in any way.

Publishers can choose between header bidding and the classic One Ad Code method with their solutions. Video, display, mobile, and native formats are all supported by MediaFem.

MediaFem offers a series of, not only short- and long-term goals regarding profits, but has evolved a series of codes for so-called niche marketing, which allows all ads to reach places where there is real interest in what is offered.

For their solutions, publishers can choose between the bidding headers and the regular One Ad Code form. A few of the MediaFem ads are video, mobile, web, and native.

You can sign up to MediaFem by clicking here.

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