Are you tired of spending time and money on content creation for your website or blog only to receive the disappointing results you were looking for? We will, of course, offer some guidance as we walk you through the process of monetizing your website step by step.

Never before has it been so simple to launch and monetize a blog. It used to cost you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars to put up and maintain a website. A website’s monetization was equally difficult.

But today, even a few hundred bucks can be used to create, manage, and monetise a blog. But just because it’s easier these days to make money with a blog doesn’t mean most bloggers are aware of how to do it.

By following these instructions, you can start profiting from your labour and effort.

Make a market strategy.

You need a strong market strategy before you can start. You could be asking yourself, “What is that?”.

An organisation’s advertising strategy for generating leads and reaching its target market is described in a market plan, which is an operational document.

Your strategy needs to include:

A Lucrative Niche

It’s essential to pick and maintain a clear speciality for your blog. Your blog will grow as a result of your ability to identify a target audience. This will also motivate you to learn as much as you can about the rivals in your area because you’ll be able to see what they’ve discovered, what they’re avoiding, and how you can use the knowledge to your own growth.


It’s crucial that you produce top-notch content for your readers. This means that whatever material you provide should be personalised to the preferences and demands of your audience. It is crucial that you carry out some market research, read, and learn about how to satisfy their needs.

A Plan To Monetize

It’s important to consider your monetization plan moving forward. There are various possibilities available, so you must be sure to select the one that most closely matches your requirements. The possibilities are unlimited, from developing an affiliate scheme to developing sponsored content or reviews.

Execute Your Strategy

The next logical step is obviously to take action now that you have everything in your head and on paper and are aware of what to do.

The most crucial step, and maybe the one that gives publishers the most anxiety, is to begin profiting once your topic has been chosen and you are on the correct road of producing high-quality material.

There are various choices available, as we’ve already mentioned. Therefore, this is where we step in to save you from the endless sea of alternatives. We suggest you look at advertisements. Furthermore, we are aware that you might be thinking, “My readers won’t like it,” “Oh, no, that’s too complicated,” “Only huge companies can afford to do that,” or even “That’s too complicated.” We’ll tell you why you’re overanalyzing this.

The nicest part is that if you choose native advertising, for instance, no one will know you are running adverts on your website. There are various advertising networks available that were created particularly to make this procedure simple and inexpensive. However, MediaFem is the best advertising platform we can suggest.

Why MediaFem?

A full-service SSP network with more than 13 years of ad monetization experience, located in the United Kingdom. To enable users to read more content on the same page or to make money from referral traffic, many publishers all over the world use ad codes.

The app’s modern predictive technology platform enables publishers to use A/B monitoring, intelligence reporting, and personalization features. MediaFem offers complete design freedom while supporting a wide range of formats, including video, monitor, device, and native.

When paying in Net53 terms, MediaFem has no additional fees and distributes 70% of its revenue to publishers. These numbers are constant regardless of where a magazine is located in the world, and they are not averaged across all publishers.

How To Get Started

You can sign up for MediaFem by going here and taking the following easy steps:

1-Visit and select “Sign up.”

2-Name, website address or download URL (only for mobile apps), email address, and password should be entered into the form. If you agree to their terms and privacy regulations, don’t forget to check the box at the bottom.

3-You can access your dashboard after creating an account and getting approved by the platform. From the drop-down menu under “Ad units,” pick the choice that best suits your preferences.

4-After verifying the necessary data, you just save your modifications, and you’re done! You’ll start to see advertisements on your website, and you’ll be compensated for every visitor.