If you have a website and want to start monetizing it, Google AdSense is just one of many choices. This is an outstanding tool to begin learning about ad monetization and internet marketing. It’s a famous ad network that’s easy to use and set up. However, publishers who need to refine their ad monetization plans will ultimately look at what else is available in the market.

AdSense operates by displaying ads that are relevant to the site’s content and users. Advertisers who wish to sell their brands build and pay for the advertisements. Since these marketers pay varying prices for different advertisements, the profits may vary.

Doesn’t that sound like a win scenario? Most writers and publishers make a full-time living from their blogs or websites and Google AdSense.

However, since everybody is chasing them, they have made the approval process extremely rigorous. You can be rejected if you make small errors. So, while AdSense is simple to handle and install, if the content is unacceptable or you have not yet published enough content, you may need to look elsewhere.

So, What’s The Right Way To Monetize?

Unfortunately, many inexperienced publishers are too ambitious and rush in without a proper plan or strategy. As a result, they are often met by difficulties and impediments that they have no idea how to resolve. And, even though you lack experience, preparation, or brand affiliations to have a good website result, you will need a master plan to execute when creating a blog for yourself.

Whether you work on a certain form of website or service, this is an ideal way to make your voice known while still making money.

What Are The Best Options If You Don’t Want To Monetize With Google Adsense?

Other Google Adsense alternatives include the following:


This is a full-service SSP platform based in the United Kingdom with over 12 years of ad monetization experience. Many publishers throughout the world use unique codes to allow readers to read more posts on the same platform or to boost referral traffic revenue. The app, which is operated by modern predictive technology, provides publishers with technologies essential to digital media performance, such as A/B checking, intelligent reporting, and personalization features.

MediaFem does not incur any excessive fees when paying in Net53 terms and they use a Rev. Share model of 70% for Publishers. These percentages are consistent regardless of a publisher’s geographic area and are not averaged across publishers in any way. Their solutions offer the publisher the option of using header bidding or the standard One Ad Code process. MediaFem supports a wide range of formats, including film, web, mobile, and native.

For us, this is the best place to start; you can sign up for MediaFem here.


Clicksor is an ad network tool that focuses on personalized advertisements and delivering the most important ads to clients. Inside the show advertisement service, Clicksor’s algorithm instinctively complements the advertisements to the most suitable publishers. Graphic banner advertisements, pop-under ads, and native advertising are all supported. They also have 24/7 support and geo-targeting audiences in over 140 countries.


RevenueHits is a publisher-facing self-service advertisement network site. It’s a potent approach that makes use of clever algorithms programmed to optimize website monetization.

 Their technology allows them to monitor millions of online advertisements and monitor ad success over time. Their vast ad inventory contains successful text and show advertising supporting performance-based deals.

Ads would be a good way to make money off your website. However, factors such as traffic flow, target population, and so on will influence their effectiveness. Furthermore, while an ad network such as AdSense can be beneficial, it’s critical to research your choices to ensure you’re using the best approach for your needs.

 The size and composition of your audience, as well as the maturity of your ad operations staff, all play a role in deciding the best AdSense alternative. However, once you look at what other platforms can do, you’ll find that it has a lot of features that can help you improve your ad revenue and performance.

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