If you want to start making money from your online presence, keep reading and we’ll teach you how.

From the dawn of time to the present, every culture has used make-up for various representations, including women and men, children, young and old, from north to south, west to east, to celebrate or claim, to war and to love.

Hundreds of millions of videos, photographs, blogs, tutorials, and other types of content are available on the internet. The number of posts increases at a breakneck pace every minute. This is a super powerful tool to improve yourself. But if you are interested in business, this is probably a challenge, because in a crowded web is more difficult to be able to arrive to the specific client.

That’s why we recommend to use an ad network because it will increase your earning  and bring more visitors to your site. This technology is really useful for many bloggers because it is simple and you will earn money.

These advertising companies works from digital platforms that join a set of publishers with a set of advertisers. This is known as an advertising network. However, there are a lot of ad networks on the internet, but we have selected the best ad networks for you. Choose one and begin monetizing your blog.

1- MediaFem

MediaFem works by understanding the webpage or blog and producing a linked ad that may be of interest to the readers using an algorithm. You rewrite the ad code provided by the advertising provider, and you earn money whenever someone clicks on it.

With MediaFem, you may make money without selling anything, registering on an unknown website, or installing anything questionable to your computer or mobile device.

MediaFem business strategy has a 70 percent revenue split for publishers and a 30 percent revenue share for them. Don’t forget! To increase your Returns on impressions, you have to monetize your audience, with this experienced ad network.

2- OpenX

OpenX is yet another high-performing and premium video ad network that connects advertisers and publishers via their platform by employing remarkable and efficient tactics and technology. It gives you several options in various ad formats and models for making a lot of money with little effort; in-content and in-content sticky are two of the most popular ad formats.
It claims to have 100% fill rates and a large number of customers because it has global access to consumers in 200 countries and draws traffic from them.


Adcash makes money in monthly advertising revenue and receives over 200 million visitors per day. They claim to be able to fill inventories 100% of the time, allowing publishers to monetize online traffic with the least amount of effort.
While the platform is proud of its dynamic CPM monetization and user experience, you can also go the manual route. Adcash also accepts smartphone advertising and has a smart network for customized targeting.