With the regular progressing changes in the digital marketing world, it’s obvious that changes are starting in journalism. Modern journalism has moved from its old ordinary standards of investigating and making reports and has transformed into a multitude of exaggerated headlines, imprecise interpretation of opinions, fiction over facts and fake pictures.

Not long ago, traditional journalism was dying, it’s going through agonizing changes due to fundamental changes in the way many people are consuming news. Consequently, this has brought many different types of new websites online and the most popular at this time is Substack. This is an email newsletter platform designed for small publishers expecting to turn their subscribers into paying customers.

Writers get a content management system built for publishing email newsletters, integrated payments through Stripe, and a website that can host free and subscriber-only content. Good news? Substack also makes it very simple for a writer to start a paid or free newsletter.

If you write or Substack or have a blog and you want to monetize your site you will need to work with an ad network. This is a platform that connects advertisers with websites or blog publishers.

Most display advertising networks use an automated network to put ads in designated locations on your blog or website. When a user engages with a specific ad (by seeing it, clicking it, or making a purchase through the ad) you get a percentage of that, and the rest of it goes to the ad platform.

The encouraging news is that nowadays starting and monetizing a blog or a website has never been easier. A few years ago, setting up a blog would’ve cost you a lot of money to maintain. Monetizing on the internet was very difficult. 

Today nonetheless you can start, maintain, and monetize a blog with just a few dollars.

How Can I Monetize My Blog or Website?

Sadly, a lot of beginner bloggers get excited and jump on blogging without a master plan. That’s why they usually find themselves faced with challenges and obstacles that they have no idea how to resolve. And while you may not have experience, training, or associations with trade marks to have a successful blog performance, you still need a marketing plan to follow when you create a platform.

Whether you focus on a specific type of blog, this is certainly a great way to let your voice be discovered and gain money at the same time.

The sensation of getting some revenue from something you really like to do is an awesome feeling and any publisher can reach that with a good plan. The thing about blogging is that this makes it so easier for anyone to influence fast because there are so many things to talk about and also talking with a particular perspective is always respected by readers.

In the course of your search for an ad network, you’ll meet MediaFem.

This is a full-service SSP platform located in London, with 12+ years of experience in monetizing websites/blogs, etc. Many publishers from all over the world use their ad codes to encourage readers to view more blog posts on the same site or to increase their revenue for referral traffic. Powered by a modern predictive engine, the platform provides publishers with capabilities that are key to digital media success, including A/B testing, bright reporting, and personalization features.

Paying in Net53 terms, MediaFem doesn’t charge any sum cost as they work with a Revenue Share model 70% for Publishers. These percentages are consistent, regardless of a publisher’s geographic location, and aren’t in any way averaged between publishers.  The platform allows the publisher to choose from header bidding or the traditional One Ad Code option. MediaFem offers all kinds of formats like video, display, mobile, and native.

3 Reasons Why Monetizing With MediaFem Can Help You Earn Money Fast
  • Increase Website Traffic

Monetizing with ads equals more revenue. Websites see a lot of benefits when they place ads usually compared to websites that infrequently place ads or not at all.

More individuals on your site can only mean more audience engagement, readers more submissions to your contact form, and more potential users.

Higher website traffic is good for any blog, especially for readers who discovered your content as they were searching for an answer to their inquiries.

  • Keep readers engaged

Marketing strategies can be labor-intensive and overwhelming. And you may know that ads always catch the attention of the people who visit your blog/website. So if you want to get more traffic and monetize your blog at the same time, you will need to hire an expert: an Ad Network. Having a blog or website is challenging for sure. It’s a long way to finally succeed and staying active is half the battle. Does it take time? Yes, but the more you dedicate to it, the more outcomes you will see.

  • Earn money

The amount of income you can make is always compared to the number of daily visits that your blog post has.

Moreover, you can post up to 5 ads per page to get more impressions or click opportunities. Another thing that regulates the amount of money you can earn is the niche of your website or blog because there are clicks that are valued more than others due to the final performance of the ad.

Generally, we can tell you that with an average of visits from a website, you could be winning between 50 and 100 a day effortlessly.

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